How Peeling An Orange Could Make You A Fortune

Written by Jeff McCall

The technique I'm going to explain in this article may be considered pretty radical by some. But before you decide I've gone torepparttar bottom ofrepparttar 126356 garden to visitrepparttar 126357 fairies, please hear me out.

Sport Psychology has become extremely important inrepparttar 126358 sporting world. But don't be misled into thinking that this is only something that's of interest to sports men and women. There are many aspects to sport psychology, and I believe some can assist evenrepparttar 126359 humble online entrepreneur to achieve massive success. The most useful I've found isrepparttar 126360 idea of 'visualisation'.

The human brain is a complex organ that's capable of many tremendous feats, but it can also be fooled. In particular,repparttar 126361 brain can't tellrepparttar 126362 difference between reality and something that's vividly imagined. To demonstrate what I mean, tryrepparttar 126363 following simple experiment for yourself:

Close your eyes and imagine you're holding a large juicy ripe orange. Now imagine yourself starting to peel that orange. Imaginerepparttar 126364 thin spray of juice fromrepparttar 126365 peel as you insert a thumbnail. Imaginerepparttar 126366 sharp fresh aroma of orange that fillsrepparttar 126367 air as you pull sections of peel fromrepparttar 126368 soft juicy flesh. Now imaginerepparttar 126369 sticky juice running down your fingers as you pull away one ofrepparttar 126370 moist orange segments, andrepparttar 126371 sharp sweet taste exploding on your tongue as you take your first bite.

If you've been able to vividly imagine these things taking place, then you'll almost certainly find yourself salivating wildly. I know I am, and that's just by writing this passage!

Your brain's reaction has been no different than if you'd actually peeled that orange. It's been unable to distinguish this as just your imagination, and has reacted by sending a signal to your saliva glands to expect something delicious. Now this example may have nothing to do with your business, but it ably demonstrates my point.

A Powerful New Way to Use "Why" Questions

Written by Michael Pollock

To start making dramatic changes in your life, transformrepparttar way you use questions that begin with "why." IBM Founder Thomas Watson, Sr. is quoted as saying "the ability to askrepparttar 126355 right question is more than halfrepparttar 126356 battle of findingrepparttar 126357 answer." "Why" questions are uniquely powerful in that they already contain an answer themselves.

Implicit in every "why" question is a statement of fact. For example, considerrepparttar 126358 question "why isrepparttar 126359 sky blue?" You agreerepparttar 126360 sky is blue. You're merely seekingrepparttar 126361 explanation of what makes it so. As much as you try, you'll never changerepparttar 126362 color ofrepparttar 126363 sky. Hidden in each "why" question is an affirmative statement.

If not used effectively, "why" questions keep you stuck. I used to have trouble getting out of bed inrepparttar 126364 morning. I'd ask myself "why do I stay in bed when it's time to get up?" Each time I asked, I always returned torepparttar 126365 *fact* that I didn't get out of bed when it was time. My "why" question affirmed that I stayed in bed when it was time to get up, and it kept me stuck in that pattern.

Begin looking atrepparttar 126366 "why" questions you ask yourself. If you're chronically late for appointments, maybe you ask: "why am I always late?"

If you experience financial lack, maybe you ask: "why am I always broke?"

If you seem to lack enough time, perhaps you ask: "why is there never enough time in my day?"

If you don't feel so confident, maybe you ask: "why am I such a loser?"

Wherever you experience undesired results, look atrepparttar 126367 "why" questions you may be asking yourself in that area.

Transform your "why" questions into "how can I" questions. Instead of asking "why am I always late?" Try "how can I be on time for all my appointments?"

Instead of asking "why am I always broke?" Try "how can I earn/save/have more money?"

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