How Papyrus sheets Are Made

Written by Dr.Nabil Elkhawaga

Steps of Making Papyrus Sheets;

Papyrus isrepparttar ancient Egyptians invention for writing paper, and it wasrepparttar 109455 most important writing material inrepparttar 109456 ancient world. Our word "Paper" derives fromrepparttar 109457 word "papyrus", an ancient Egyptian word that originally meant "that which belongs torepparttar 109458 house i.e.repparttar 109459 bureaucracy of ancient Egypt". Papyrus is a common marsh plant having a triangular reed that used to grow alongrepparttar 109460 banks ofrepparttar 109461 river Nile. The paper was made fromrepparttar 109462 pith of a papyrus,repparttar 109463 tall stems were cut down and carried off in bundles. Each stem was stripped of it is rind and cut into short pieces which were then cut lengthwise into narrow strips. The papyrus pith was kept soaked in water untilrepparttar 109464 fibers become flexible and translucent. Two layers of papyrus strips arranged at right angles were put on

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Written by Dr.VSR.Subramaniam

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