How Often do you Check Your Affiliate Statistics?

Written by David McKenzie

Once a month? Maybe once a week?

You should be checking your affiliate statistics at least 5 times a week. If you takerepparttar weekend off, then make sure you check them each Monday through Friday. (What you want to be checking are number of hits, number of sales and number of affiliates signed up inrepparttar 102574 2nd tier.)


Here are 3 reasons you need to constantly check your affiliate statistics:

1. Keep Track of Hits

You want to see if there is a sudden rise or drop in number of hits each day as this can be a good pointer to either a good or bad affiliate marketing campaign you are running. Hits lead directly to sales so a jump in hits should mean a jump in sales.

2. Keep Track of Sales

Did that latest ezine ad you ran lead directly to increased sales? By not checking your statistics regularly youíll never know. By logging in to your affiliate statistics page a number of times a week you will have a better idea of which affiliate marketing techniques are leading to sales.

Once you know a particular technique is responsible for increased sales then you can double or triple your marketing efforts with this technique.

"Focus for Affiliate Success"

Written by David McKenzie

Affiliate marketing question - Should you join every affiliate program you can find or just a few?

There are many thousands of affiliate programs onrepparttar net that you can join. Every man and his dog is running one. But how do you decide which ones to join?

There are two trains of thought in this area. First you can takerepparttar 102573 scatter gun approach, which is quite popular onrepparttar 102574 net, and join as many programs as possible. This ensures that at least SOME of them will pay off. Well, thatísrepparttar 102575 theory.

The other alternative is to takerepparttar 102576 shot gun approach. Join some leading affiliate programs in just a few areas and put more effort into each one. Do some affiliate marketing research by reading as many articles onrepparttar 102577 subject as possible. This way you can narrow down your candidates.

Well, as always there are pros and cons to both but why not do what everyone else is not doing. It seems to me most sites are takingrepparttar 102578 scatter gun approach. For example: We have 3,000 affiliate programs listed on our site. We haverepparttar 102579 largest selection of affiliate programs!

Why not focus? Find your own niche. Find a particular area that you are interested in.

Example: Perhaps your interest is in selling rare papyrus from Egypt and you find there is only one affiliate program dedicated to this. You join. You focus your affiliate marketing strategies on this product. You are not thinking about selling papyrus from Egypt one minute and then long distance phone callsrepparttar 102580 next. With fewer products and services you are able to focus more energy and effort ontorepparttar 102581 products and services that you have a genuine interest in. You may even be considered an expert in this particular area because of your knowledge.

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