How Not To Get Published

Written by Michael LaRocca

HOW NOT TO GET PUBLISHED Copyright 2001, Michael LaRocca

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One morning, I decided to sleep late for a change. I stumbled out of bed at 10:00, not my usual 7:00, and fired uprepparttar computer. Little did I know what I'd find in my mailbox on this particular morning.

The first thing I saw was about a dozen people congratulating me for something. I opened an email at random, and it didn't say why I was being congratulated.

Meanwhile, my other mailbox opened in a different window. It informed me that 39 people had joined my newsletter mailing list sincerepparttar 108520 previous night. A dozen more congratulations waited for me there. I opened one up, and again there was no reason.

Instead of continuing, I played a hunch. I logged onto my publisher's website, and there it was. VIGILANTE JUSTICE. While I was sleeping, my first novel was published. (There's a 16-hour time difference between my home in Hong Kong and my publisher's office.)

I checked outrepparttar 108521 VIGILANTE JUSTICE web page -- my web page -- and was astounded once more byrepparttar 108522 book cover. The music, which I'd never heard before, capturedrepparttar 108523 mood ofrepparttar 108524 book perfectly. For a long moment, I simply basked inrepparttar 108525 feeling. Published at last.

If someone had told me one year ago that I'd be publishing four books this year, I'd have called him an eejit.

The last time I was published, not counting VIGILANTE JUSTICE, was twelve years ago, and that doesn't count because I paid someone to do it. I'd long since given up on getting published again. In fact, I doubted I'd ever write again.

By now you may wonder how I made it from Point A to Point B. Or for that matter, why I stopped writing.

The second part is simple. I was chasing money, becoming a high-powered businessman and losing myself. The first part is a little more difficult to explain.

In December 1999, I flew to Hong Kong for a vacation. The first vacation in my life, really. I intended to stay for a month, but I never left. Instead, I married an Australian who teaches English over here. I quit my job in North Carolina by email, though I still maintain my former employer's website. I loverepparttar 108526 Internet.

I found myself unable to work in this country. So what was I to do with my time? I dusted off a childhood dream and resumed writing.

I had a slush pile full of old short stories, and I ran them throughrepparttar 108527 on-line writing workshops. There are two parts to writing -- story and structure. I wasn't changing my stories -- they came from me and were what I wanted to write -- but my style was pathetic. Style is alsorepparttar 108528 part that can be learned. So I did.

Then came something that amazed me. New stories. Just mixing withrepparttar 108529 "writing culture" got my creative juices flowing again. After all those years. Better than ever, in fact.

Next, I published them. Between March and December 2000, I published twenty stories in twenty different e-zines. I only made $6, but I was padding my resume. I believed that I had a short story anthology in me, and I'd decided to try e-publishing it. I felt I needed a "track record," so I got one.

I also had a novel in my slush pile,repparttar 108530 one new thing I wrote inrepparttar 108531 nineties. A gripping imaginative story, badly told. But I'd finally learned aboutrepparttar 108532 craft,repparttar 108533 structure, andrepparttar 108534 hard work that comes after that original flash of inspiration.

What is it? How does it work?

Written by Amy Crawford

What is it? How does it work? I don’ t get it.

The Internet is full of tools and ever-changing developments that can leaverepparttar mild surfer in a cyber rip current, left in a wash on how to get grounded. One new development, ebooks, benefits all Internet users but still plaguesrepparttar 108519 lot of us. So, Dream Jobs To is throwing out a free ebook, as a buoy, to help you float throughrepparttar 108520 maze of Internet confusion.

What is an EBOOK? It is a question that baffles many, even those inrepparttar 108521 publishing industry. Some describe an ebook as a device used to read electronic books. Is that your final answer? If it were, you would have wished you used a “Dream Jobs” lifeline.

An ebook is a mystery to most. How do you get one, what software do you need to use one? Why should I read a book on my computer? All of these questions are perfectly valid to anyone who has never used an ebook. They are not just forrepparttar 108522 cyber bookworms, in fact, it is designed forrepparttar 108523 non-cyber savvy humanoid.

So lets clear this up:

What is an EBOOK? It is an instant downloading manuscript that is emailed to your pc for immediate use.

How do you get one? There are many sites that offer these ebooks but if you want short works of about 30 pages, has an ever-growing inventory of titles.

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