How Much is Your TIme Worth?

Written by Jean Hanson

Have you ever thought about how much your time is really worth? If youíre a busy entrepreneur, your business growth might depend on it. Have you ever said, ďI donít need any help Ė I can do it all myself! Besides, I canít justify hiring someone Ė my business isnít big enough.Ē

Many entrepreneurs feel that they just canít justify paying someone to assist them withrepparttar many tasks that need to be done to keep their business running smoothly. What you need to do, however is take a step back and remember what your original mission was when you startedrepparttar 117409 business. Are you where you thought you would be at this point in time? Are you doingrepparttar 117410 things you love to do, or are you spending time working onrepparttar 117411 details that donít contribute torepparttar 117412 bottom line? Is thisrepparttar 117413 best use of your time?

One thing you can do to move your business forward is to outsource some ofrepparttar 117414 administrative tasks that donít need your personal attention. But before you can decide if this is right for you, letís figure out just how much your time is really worth.

Letís look at this example: You charge $75 per hour for your services. Youíre spending 5 hours per week on administrative tasks such as updating your contact database, keeping up with correspondence, updating your website, and so on. $75 x 5 hours = $375.00 (in essence, this is what youíre paying yourself). What if you could take those 5 hours of work and give them to a Virtual Assistant to do (for a lower hourly rate), and then spend your time earning $75 per hour? If you paid your Virtual Assistant (VA) $35 per hour for 5 hours of work, it would cost you $175.00. You could make $200 in profit by outsourcing 5 hours of work!

Feng Shui - Create Prosperity at the Office by Clearing the Clutter

Written by Jean Hanson

The essence of Feng Shui revolves around using positive energy, or Chi, to enhance your surroundings. Serenity, prosperity, and wealth followrepparttar occupants of homes and offices with Chi.

Your office should be a pleasant, un-cluttered, well-lit, and inspiring space. The most important thing you can do to increaserepparttar 117408 flow of chi is to get rid ofrepparttar 117409 piles of clutter throughoutrepparttar 117410 office. If your desk has piles of papers, boxes, files, and post-it notes taped torepparttar 117411 computer, chi will get stuck. Your creativity and decision-making skills will be blocked. If your office is orderly and un-cluttered, you will think more clearly and make decisions more easily.

Here are some tips to clearrepparttar 117412 clutter in your office: 1. Piles of boxes and papers onrepparttar 117413 floor immediately slowsrepparttar 117414 flow of chi, so get rid of allrepparttar 117415 piles for a smooth flow. 2. Go through allrepparttar 117416 piles on your desk. Sort them into your files. Use stacking baskets, file cabinets, and rolling files to keep things organized.

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