How Much Should My Grocery Budget Be?

Written by Terry J. Rigg

You talk about a question without an answer! But, I'm going to try to answer it anyway.

First, when we are talking about setting an exact dollar amount for groceries for each family that asks, that's almost impossible. What we can do is allot a portion (percentage) of our income for food.

There again, you have all ofrepparttar variables likerepparttar 142729 size of your family, eating habits, etc. Also, a family with a low income may have to allot a larger percentage of their income toward buying food.

The question I would like to ask you is how much are you spending on groceries per month? I would have to say that most people wouldn't have any idea.

Better yet, how much could you be spending on food? In other words if you are currently spending $600 on food for your family let's try to cut that down to $500 or even $400. But first you will need to know how much you are spending now.

This is going to be a real hassle for a month or two because you will need to keep track of your grocery purchases. All of them!

Now, we can make that a little easier but you will need to have your finances set up a certain way. I always suggest that you only use 4 categories for your budget. These are Housing, Other Bills, Household Expenses and Savings.

Your grocery bill would come under that category of Household Expenses. If you have your finances set up this way each member ofrepparttar 142730 family will have an allowance each payday for things like car gas, lunches, parking, snacks, etc. Doing it this way would eliminaterepparttar 142731 need to keep up with each family member's food spending except forrepparttar 142732 family pizza night.

Is the Demand for San Felipe Real Estate Signaling Another Baja Real Estate Boom?

Written by Ron Scott

Groundbreaking ceremonies for Playa de Paraiso, a eight story, 160 unit beachfront, luxury condominium resort project onrepparttar Sea of Cortez in San Felipe, Mexico took place on June 10, 2005 under a clear blue sky and a bright noon day sun. Honored guests included Baja California’s Governor, Lic. Eugenio Elorduy Walther, and Mexicali Municipal President, Ing. Samuel Ramos Flores. Their presence is a sure sign thatrepparttar 142707 demand for Baja real estate is onrepparttar 142708 rise.

The ceremony signalsrepparttar 142709 beginning of a joint private and government economic development program designed to bringrepparttar 142710 northeast Baja coastline intorepparttar 142711 21st century. Escalera Nautica,repparttar 142712 Nautical Ladder development project, may be coming to fruition at last. As evidence thatrepparttar 142713 area is just now beginning to undergo a period of rapid development, half ofrepparttar 142714 Playa de Paraiso’s units have already been pre-sold despiterepparttar 142715 fact thatrepparttar 142716 project won’t be completed until June 2007.

Eric Garcia, Director of Sales at Playa del Paraiso, attributesrepparttar 142717 increased interest inrepparttar 142718 San Felipe real estate market to a number of factors. "Increasing numbers of affluent and retired Americans are searching for a less stressful lifestyle and they are finding exactly what they have been searching for in San Felipe.

A quiet seaside fishing village onrepparttar 142719 Sea of Cortez,repparttar 142720 resort area is only a few hours drive from San Diego and Tucson and that makesrepparttar 142721 community even more attractive because it is far more accessible than Cabo San Lucas," he says.

The second factor affecting development andrepparttar 142722 increased interest in Baja real estate is that Mexican law now allows foreigners to own coastal property. "Up untilrepparttar 142723 mid-1990’s, foreigners were not allowed to own coastal property butrepparttar 142724 creation trust agreements has eliminated that problem," Garcia says.

The third factor affecting increased development, according to Garcia, has to do with housing costs. "Housing is incredibly affordable in San Felipe even when it comes torepparttar 142725 purchase of a new home largely because construction costs are half those inrepparttar 142726 States.

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