How Much Do You Use Email Marketing?

Written by David McKenzie

Affiliates in affiliate programs have a vast array of affiliate marketing tools to use. It can be difficult knowing which ones work and which ones do not.

Clearly traditional banners do not work too well. Onrepparttar other hand, clever email marketing is one ofrepparttar 102545 BEST affiliate marketing tools.

Most affiliates ensure they have a number of links on their web site promoting each affiliate program they belong to. However, not so many use email marketing on a regular basis.

Here are 3 email marketing methods you should be using each week to promote your affiliate programs:

1. Using Ezine Ads in Your Own Newsletter

You may have been a subscriber of an ezine that sends out ‘special mailings’ in between sending you their regular newsletter. I personally never even look atrepparttar 102546 ‘special mailings’ because I KNOW they are ads.

However, I have been known to click on a link in an ezine ad that is part ofrepparttar 102547 newsletter. This is a great way to use your newsletter to promote your affiliate programs. You can do this by designing an ezine ad for one of your affiliate programs with a clickable link inrepparttar 102548 ezine ad that has your unique affiliate code. Put this ezine ad in your regular newsletter. I bet some of your subscribers click on it!

2. Set up a Free Email Course

Do you Want to be a Good Guy or a Bad Guy ?

Written by Mehmet Aksoy

Listen, it all depends on what you want, if you want sex then you need to be a bad guy and never be emotional, but if you want love and if you want a girl to be honest with you when she tell's you how much she loves you, then you need to be a good guy!

Bad Guy's = Get Sex, and nothing more... they are being used.... and after sometime theese popular bad guy's with allrepparttar chicks become alcoholics or addicted to drugs, do torepparttar 102544 depression that naturally comes when being used by chicks without feelings... ( Believe me I've seen this happen many times torepparttar 102545 most popular men! )

Good Guy's = Get less sex, but are more happy because they know that someone somewhere is thinking of them everyday... Also having sex with someone you love, feels like you're having sex with 100 women alltogether you get maximum orgasm!

Our life on earth is a journey, where we are allways inrepparttar 102546 search ofrepparttar 102547 questions we cannot seem to answer and allrepparttar 102548 unanswered questions keeps making us feel as if we only exist and die into nothingness, it can feel at times as if we were never born and only dream this life, which can make our stay on earth very lonely!

There has only been one thing proven to mankind which can beatrepparttar 102549 lonelyness forever, and it is LOVE my friend, just find it and you will feel it!

So how do you know if you have found "TRUE LOVE" well if you date a girl andrepparttar 102550 tears from your eyes starts to fall as soon as you look deep inside her eyes or as soon as her gentle skin touches you, then this is love and when you're not with her you will see her beautiful eyes where ever you look, and you will be so afraid, afraid that you might someday looserepparttar 102551 one you love, so all you will be wanting to do will be to hold on tight to her and keep whispering in her ears how much you love her!

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