How Much Can I Make

Written by Bob Osgoodby

Last week, I received an email from someone telling me she would like to start her own Newsletter, and asked if she could hope to make a few hundred dollars a week by selling ads in it. She went on to say that she subscribed to one of mine, and has seen it grow overrepparttar years, and wondered if that was possible.

That's a tough question. In order to earn ad money from a Newsletter, there are a lot of variables that determine its ad generating capability. Let's examine a few.

First, and foremost, advertisers want their message to reachrepparttar 124418 largest number of potential clients possible. Notice I said "potential clients" and not just subscribers. The number of subscribers you have however, will determine whether or not it is worth their while. One with just a few hundred is not a strong contender, unless it goes to an extremely small market.

It takes quite some time to build a substantial number of subscribers, and inrepparttar 124419 beginning, you will probably earn little or nothing from your endeavor. Once you have a thousand or so subscribers, you can then begin to market your advertising space. In order to do this, you must publish on a regular basis. Newsletters that are published "whenrepparttar 124420 spirit moves you" or on a monthly basis are also not good contenders.

So how do you build your subscriber base? Many people start by buying ad space from other publications. Some also send their articles to other publications hoping they will be published with their credits atrepparttar 124421 end. And others "swap ads" for their Newsletters with other publications - all of these are highly effective.

Some Newsletters claim to have several hundred thousand subscribers, and they haven't been around that long. How do they build their subscriber base? Spam - pure and simple. They either extracted your email addresses fromrepparttar 124422 web, or purchased their list - yes some ISP's do sell their email addresses. They then send you their publication, and make it virtually impossible to unsubscribe. Larger companies are contacted to place ads with them, and they are in business. Is this a viable approach?

List Servers

Written by Bob Osgoodby

There are basically two ways you can send out bulk email. Before we get into how you can, let's clarify a few points.

There are basically two types of bulk email sent out.

The first, which is unsolicited bulk mail, is commonly referred to as "spam". Spam is floodingrepparttar Internet with many copies ofrepparttar 124417 same message, in an attempt to forcerepparttar 124418 message on people who would not otherwise choose to receive it. Most spam is commercial advertising, often for dubious products, get-rich- quick schemes, or quasi-legal services, and isrepparttar 124419 genre ofrepparttar 124420 Scamster. The correct definition of spam is UBE, "unsolicited bulk email".

The second, which is solicited, is commonly referred to as "opt- in" email. This differs from spam in thatrepparttar 124421 recipients, have asked to receiverepparttar 124422 email. This normally takesrepparttar 124423 form of a newsletter or ezine. An important point here, is thatrepparttar 124424 person can easily remove their email address fromrepparttar 124425 list if they don't want to receive it inrepparttar 124426 future.

For purposes of this discussion, let's assume we are sending our email to an "opt in" list. Forget about spamming. Most ISP's (Internet Service Providers) will cancel your account if you do so.

You can send out your email in one of two ways. Either you can maintainrepparttar 124427 list of addresses on your computer, or use a List Server.

If you maintainrepparttar 124428 list yourself, and send out your email using a package such as Pegasus or Eudora, you are responsible for maintainingrepparttar 124429 list - both adds and drops. If you have a lot of subscribers, this can become an unmanageable task. It also ties up your computer for a period of time while you are sending them out. Using a standard modem, figure about 15 minutes per thousand addresses.

Enterrepparttar 124430 List Server - here you send your message torepparttar 124431 List Server and it sends it to your list - you can then go about your business while this is being done. It also makesrepparttar 124432 maintenance of your list a lot easier. You don't have to worry about adds, and more importantly drops torepparttar 124433 list, as it is done for you. If you have only a few hundred names, you can consider doing it yourself, but when your list gets larger than that, you should definitely consider using a List Server.

Now there are List Servers and there are List Servers. Many were added by ISP's as an afterthought trying to provide a full range of service for their customers. Others have dedicated servers just for this purpose. This is important asrepparttar 124434 ones added as an afterthought, usually do not providerepparttar 124435 level of service desired. They give an extremely low priority to sending outrepparttar 124436 email, and it can take up to 24 hours before your message is relayed - not very good for time sensitive information.

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