How Long Do Lifetime Commissions Really Last?

Written by Clay Mabbitt

Once you refer a customer to an affiliate program that offers lifetime commissions, you can expect payment every time that customer buys anything fromrepparttar program at any point inrepparttar 102438 future. At least, thatís what happens in theory. The reality isnít always as profitable.

An important consideration in examining affiliate programs that claim to pay lifetime commissions is how referrals are tracked. The simplest (and least dependable) method uses cookies, small pieces of information that your web browser saves on your computer about web sites youíve visited. Cookies can have an expiration date attached to them, and affiliate programs usingrepparttar 102439 cookie method will often either setrepparttar 102440 expiration date far intorepparttar 102441 future (say 10 years?) or set no expiration date at all, which is whererepparttar 102442 claim of lifetime commissions enters.

There are several problems with cookies. What if your customer places an order from their computer at work instead of home where your cookie is located? The answer, of course, is that you will not receive any commission. You can also expect to receive no commissions if your customer switches from Internet Explorer to Netscape or buys a new computer. The few years that pass between new computer purchases in this day and age hardly constitute a ďlifetimeĒ in my book. On top of that if your customer goes throughrepparttar 102443 link of one of your competing affiliates, that affiliateís cookie will replace yours.

Isnít there any other way to track a referred customer? Some programs track by IP address,repparttar 102444 specific number that uniquely identifies your computer so that you can communicate with other machines onrepparttar 102445 Internet. This option can provide a little more dependability. A new computer doesnít necessarily spellrepparttar 102446 end of your commissions as long asrepparttar 102447 new computer usesrepparttar 102448 same IP address asrepparttar 102449 old computer. Of course, thatís still assuming your customer has a fixed IP, and this generally only happens at work. Most home computers are connected torepparttar 102450 Internet over a phone or cable line, and a service provider will potentially assign them a different IP address every time they turn on their computer.

Before you lose all faith in lifetime commissions, let me point out there are relatively reliable means of tracking repeat customers. When a customer places an order, they are usually required to provide atrepparttar 102451 bare minimum an email address. If they purchased a physical product, they also need to provide a shipping address. This information is stored in a database, and companies that are truly dedicated to paying lifetime commissions will include in this customer recordrepparttar 102452 id ofrepparttar 102453 affiliate who first referredrepparttar 102454 customer. Whenrepparttar 102455 customer returns torepparttar 102456 website from any computer inrepparttar 102457 world at any point inrepparttar 102458 future, that affiliate id is still stored inrepparttar 102459 database. (This type of tracking is not fool-proof, but it is certainly more dependable thenrepparttar 102460 previous options mentioned.)

You Get Back What You Send Out

Written by Steve Melton

Alex had been at work most ofrepparttar morning. A young Scottish lad barely old enough to handle a team of horses much less pull that old tree stump out ofrepparttar 102437 pasture. Although Alex was young, he knewrepparttar 102438 soggy ground fromrepparttar 102439 recent rains would allow him to pullrepparttar 102440 old stump fromrepparttar 102441 field.

Alex was finally making headway withrepparttar 102442 old tree carcass. When he noticed a very fine carriage having trouble making its way alongrepparttar 102443 muddy and rutted road. The elder Englishman being obviously upper class was very well dressed and not too happy whenrepparttar 102444 carriage sank up to it's axle. He knew this incident would make him late for his speaking engagement atrepparttar 102445 next village.

Seeingrepparttar 102446 statesman's plight, young Alex released his team fromrepparttar 102447 tree.

"Hey Sir, I can help. We can get you on your way in no time at all." Alex was right withrepparttar 102448 help of his team of horses,repparttar 102449 carriage was pulled fromrepparttar 102450 grip ofrepparttar 102451 muddy mire.

Elatedrepparttar 102452 Englishman asks Alex. "How much do I owe you young man?"

"Nothing Sir," said Alex. "It was my pleasure to help."

Alex was in absolute awe ofrepparttar 102453 elder Member of Parliament.

"Well then. What do you want to be when you grow up?"

"Sir, I want to be a Doctor," replied Alex without hesitation.

"Then my young man, I will help." True to his word,repparttar 102454 Englishman arranged for Alex's education.

Some fifty years later, a Doctor was making his rounds in a hospital on a totally different continent.

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