How I submitted my internet marketing articles to only 20 sites but within no time 16,000 other high traffic websites had also posted them

Written by Christopher Kyalo

There is no internet marketing chore that I enjoy more than doing a regular google search to checkrepparttar viral effect and progress of my online marketing articles. Within a recent short period I sawrepparttar 145996 number of websites where my articles are listed grow by a staggering 16,000.

The full implications of this is that without me lifting a finger 16,000 more websites, blogs and their pages, with search engine prominence, now contain my articles. This means that even if just one person inrepparttar 145997 entire month reads only one of my articles in each of those locations, I will end up with a total of 16,000 unique readers per month. And without any more effort on my part.

But for articles to enjoy this kind of magic they must have 3 key ingredients.

An effective internet marketing article will have a good headline What causes you to click on a link or ad? What attracts your interest to any content online? It is of course a headline. Writing headlines is an art in itself. Those who are good at it, earn a lot of money. Tabloids likerepparttar 145998 National Enquirer or The Sun in Britain understandrepparttar 145999 power of a headline because they’ve sold millions of copies of their publications regularly for many years and it all hinges on how effectiverepparttar 146000 main headline is.

I learnt this lesson well in my offline marketing days when a newsletter I used to publish would sell a few hundred copies on one headline and then sell over 300,000 copies with another headline.

Onrepparttar 146001 net, headlines are even more important and when writing articles you should bear this in mind. Apart from taking care ofrepparttar 146002 keywords (with search engines or google adsense ads in mind), your headline should be so enticing that anybody mildly interested inrepparttar 146003 subject you are covering will want to read it.

In writing this article, this arerepparttar 146004 headlines I considered and discarded before I ended up withrepparttar 146005 headline I used. Study them carefully and learn something about internet marketing headlines.

- 3 things an effective internet marketing article must have - Why my internet marketing articles posted in only 20 sites suddenly appeared in 16,000 other websites shortly after - Why my internet marketing articles grew from being in only 20 sites to 16,000 within no time - 3 things an internet marketing article needs to go crazily viral

Five Steps to Profit from Google Adwords

Written by Gerardas Norkus

Although I was marketing online since 1997 and was making money onrepparttar Internet, as soon as I discoveredrepparttar 145959 famous GoogleCash ebook I was instantly hooked. It seemed so easy to profit from Google Adwords: just join an affiliate program, promote it on Google Adwords pay per click (ppc) search engine starting from only five dollars, and watch your profits soar...

However, soon I realized that it was not that simple. You must know how to select profitable affiliate programs, how to research keywords and group them in ad groups, how to bid and manage your campaigns, how to track your keywords and ads, etc.

The subject was very interesting for me and I just kept reading a great deal of information related to making income with Google Adwords: ebooks, guides, tutorials and e-mail courses.

After trying to implementrepparttar 145960 knowledge gained in practice, after long trial and error months, I was finally making profit and not losing my money.

Here are five little-known steps that you should take in order to profit from Goolge Adwords:

1. Target profitable two-tier or residual income niche markets.

2. Use effective tools and software for your Google Adwords keyword research.

3. Get a domain name, a hosting account, and create a simple landing page with an opt-in form.

4. Promote your landing page with Google Adwords and capture your visitors' e-mail addresses.

5. Follow up with your subscribers and profit by pre-selling your niche products or services.

Let's quickly analyze each ofrepparttar 145961 steps outlined above and see why you should stick torepparttar 145962 plan if you want to maximize your income from Google Adwords.

Promote Profitable Niche Two Tier Or Residual Income Products And Services

First,repparttar 145963 products or services that you will promote with Google Adwords should target a niche where people have lots of money and are willing to spend it.

Second, you can make much more money if you advertise two-tier or residual income products or services.

Usually, majority of Google Adwords books teach you to choose an affiliate program from publisher networks like ClickBank, Commission Junction, LinkShare, etc. But these arerepparttar 145964 programs that everybody use. So, try to do a research on two-tier or residual income programs in your target niche, and you may be surprized withrepparttar 145965 results...

Two-tier programs reward you for signing up affiliates. This way you earn commissions not only on your sales, you earn commissions on their sales too.

A good example of residual income programs are web hosting affiliate programs where you can profit from your sales lifelong!

Use Effective Tools for Your Google Adwords Keyword Research

First, did you know that you can spy on your competitors keywords by using an amazing tool called GoogSpy:

Simply, enter a domain name of your direct competitors and see what keywords they are bidding on. This little-known secret could make your online profits soar instantly.

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