How I overcame my stutter/stammer

Written by Stephen Hill

Author: Stephen Hill from The How To Stop Stammering Centre

How I overcame my stutter/stammer

After having years of unsuccessful speech therapy I decidedrepparttar only way I was going to achieve fluency was to try and overcome it myself. Being a negative thinker atrepparttar 145786 time I had little confidence in my ability to succeed.

Most of my achievements in life up to this point had been sporting and I asked myselfrepparttar 145787 question, how had I reachedrepparttar 145788 high standards at these sports? What I used to do was watch and studyrepparttar 145789 best people in that sport and to basically try and copy them, and with plenty of practice and dedication, I gradually improved.

I decided to take this approach with my speech, I would concentrate on various good fluent talkers, Tony Blair, Gordon brown, Chris Tarrant, and Bianca from Eastenders etc, and try and work outrepparttar 145790 differences between their speech and mine.

The second approach was to deal withrepparttar 145791 physcological. I needed to think and approach life differently, gain confidence and to be thinking inrepparttar 145792 same way as when I was drunk i.e. care free. I started to read various books regarding psychology such as mind over matter books.

It was slow progress however I did notice major differences in my speech compared torepparttar 145793 good fluent talkers and was practising solidly to speak more like them.

After six months of searching I finally hadrepparttar 145794 keys and techniques needed to achieve fluency, these are what I now callrepparttar 145795 speech rules. For me, speech is like a jigsaw and to be fluent you need to have allrepparttar 145796 pieces to completerepparttar 145797 jigsaw. A stutterer will have at least one ofrepparttar 145798 pieces missing. The speech rules arerepparttar 145799 pieces ofrepparttar 145800 speech jigsaw.

What I now needed to do was to put in a serious amount of practice to enable these speech rules to become a natural part of my speech. I did not know how long I would need to practice for, however I felt after three months that it was now more or less natural.

Therefore in total it took me nine months to achieve fluency; this is by farrepparttar 145801 greatest achievement in my life. It was now time to put my life in order. Even though I had been successful atrepparttar 145802 insurance company where I worked and was well remunerated, I was unhappy there. I decided to leave withrepparttar 145803 intention of becoming a Financial Advisor.

The Stuttering/Stammering therapy options I offer.

Written by Stephen Hill

Author: Stephen Hill from The How To Stop Stammering Centre.

The stuttering therapy options I offer

I always recommend where possible for people to attend one ofrepparttar one-to-one speech courses which I run inrepparttar 145785 great park area of Birmingham.

Every person who has a stutter is an individual and each course is tailored to suit their individual stutter and needs.

Onrepparttar 145786 final day ofrepparttar 145787 course people leave with a copy ofrepparttar 145788 stuttering course notes and DVD and are advised to keep in regular contact with me. This is to ensure continued fluency and is a form of back up where I answer any questions, which may arise.

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