How I make over $2000 a day!

Written by Jason Ryan

Do you remember when that TV show came on a few years back that showed you step by step how all great magic tricks are done? It was called Magicians Secrets Revealed or something like that. I can’t rememberrepparttar exact name, butrepparttar 147957 point is this: That show stirred up a hornets nest! The day after that show aired, four ofrepparttar 147958 most famous magicians were shown voicing their outrage during interviews onrepparttar 147959 national evening news. These poor guys were extremely upset and angry because they witnessed first-hand while all their greatest magic tricks were being explained in full detail. They knewrepparttar 147960 “Cat was out ofrepparttar 147961 bag” that “The genie was out ofrepparttar 147962 bottle.” They knew their magic would no longer haverepparttar 147963 amazing impact it once did. I’m about to make a point, so please bare with me here and keep reading…

Everyone knows this famous American line: “A magician never revealsrepparttar 147964 secret”.

Well, I guess everyone knows this except forrepparttar 147965 magician standing there revealing every great magic trick there ever was. Right there on Fox TV, forrepparttar 147966 first time in U.S. history, everyone was shocked to see this magician revealing every classic magic trick that most famous magicians perform on a regular basis. Step-by-step, and in great detail, right onrepparttar 147967 big TV screen, a magician in full black disguise answeredrepparttar 147968 age old question: “How did you do that?”

He broke allrepparttar 147969 rules of magic. Most important, he brokerepparttar 147970 code that all magicians said they’d never break.

Ok, I know by now you’re wondering why I keep talking about magic and magicians secrets so I’ll just go ahead and get torepparttar 147971 point right now.

You may already know this, but sales, marketing, and advertising are very similar to magic. For instance, only a small percentage ofrepparttar 147972 people inrepparttar 147973 world fully know and understand how to perform a magic show. Likewise, only a very small percentage ofrepparttar 147974 people inrepparttar 147975 world knowrepparttar 147976 true secrets of sales, marketing, and advertising. Even less people know how to generate anything more than 10,000 visitors a day to their website. And trying to get these people to reveal their secrets is next to impossible. Until now...

Sales, marketing, and advertising are a true art and science. Andrepparttar 147977 people who have mastered this art and science are not usually willing to tell othersrepparttar 147978 secrets that keep their bank accounts full of cash. They are afraid that if others find out their tips, tricks, and secrets, they will become far less effective. So they keep their mouth shut!

Until now…

One of these masters of marketing has just come forward and decided to breakrepparttar 147979 secret code among internet marketers. It’s been called "The most revealing book onrepparttar 147980 internet!" off by over 175 companies. It’s sad to say butrepparttar 147981 truth is most business opportunities onrepparttar 147982 net are one big lie designed to do one thing and one thing alone, and that is… TAKE YOUR MONEY and run! The result is that 98.5% of all people starting a new business opportunity will never see an income from it.

But during my travels I figured out whyrepparttar 147983 average person starting up an internet business will never make a nickel…You wanna know why?

The reason why is actually quite simple. It all goes back to that “Magician never tells” principle we talked about above. You see, there are a few “True Professional Internet Marketers” that actually do knowrepparttar 147984 big secrets that really do generate enormous money onrepparttar 147985 internet. You may have seen a few of them giving their pitch on TV infomercials. But even though these big-shots are truly making enormous cash, they will never tell yourepparttar 147986 big secret of how you can do it yourself. They will only tell you just enough to keep you excited and optimistic.

But now there's shocking news! A time has come just like when that masked magician brokerepparttar 147987 code among magicians and revealed how all magic is done. This time it’s a “Real Professional Internet Marketer” who is breakingrepparttar 147988 code amongrepparttar 147989 “Big Players” involved in marketing onrepparttar 147990 net. Finally one ofrepparttar 147991 true hot-shots who has already made his internet fortune has revealed allrepparttar 147992 secrets that until now, have never been released.

Yes, it’s true! Every secret tip, trick, technique, and tool has been clearly laid out for you in an easy to read book.

Ok, now I know what you are thinking… "Why are you going to tell me allrepparttar 147993 secrets? Wouldn’t you make even more money if nobody else knewrepparttar 147994 secrets"

I believe there's a time and a place for everything in life. I have used my time wisely to accumulate enough money to easily retire 7 times over. It’s like this: Does Bill Gates really need to make any more money? Of course not, and that’s why he now gives away a lot of his time, knowledge, and money. I truly believe that once you make your fortune in life, it’s time to give something back torepparttar 147995 people ofrepparttar 147996 world that helped you get it inrepparttar 147997 first place.

That brings us to your next question: “If you have so much money to retire on, then why don’t you just give out this book and allrepparttar 147998 secrets for free?” Well… there are 2 important reasons.

1. I don’t want thousands of people doing this. If everyone knewrepparttar 147999 secrets contained in this book, it might not be as effective forrepparttar 148000 people who are currently using this system to provide for their families. So charging a fee helps limitrepparttar 148001 amount of people that know how to do this which will protect your income too!

2. The second reason I don’t give this book out free is because I’m an old fashioned kind of guy and I believe that if you have a high quality product that you worked hard for, you should protect its value. I know for fact that once you give something away free, it no longer has any value. I’ve worked for years to perfectrepparttar 148002 techniques outlined in this book, and never in my wildest dreams did I believe I would ever share these secret techniques with anyone.

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