How I lost 80 Pounds from 230 Pounds and Kept the Weight Off …So Can You

Written by (c) Anna "Overweight? NO MORE!!"

Have you ever been asked, “Why do you eat healthy”? It is incredible how our minds are programmed to see a person as weird when deciding to eat healthy instead of junk foods. I never thought about it, until some people kept asking me, “Why do you eat healthy?” First, I thought they meant wanting to knowrepparttar benefits of eating healthy, but was shocked when realizing that I was seen as a weirdo simply because I was not consuming junk foods, such as chips, sugary donuts, or greasy fast food. Instead, I snack on fruits, grains (how I love grains!), and vegetables. I just makerepparttar 147813 choice to control food and not let food control me. By looking at their faces, I sadly realized how wrong I also was when I was eatingrepparttar 147814 wrong foods, which helped me ballooned up to 230 pounds! Now, at my 40s, I lost 80 pounds and have keptrepparttar 147815 weight off for 3 years! Hence, there isrepparttar 147816 answer to “Why I Eat Healthy?” Simply, I relearned how to eat healthy and dared to change for good.

However, eating healthy is only part of a healthy living style, which is why I don’t call it a diet. It is not a temporary program withrepparttar 147817 yo-yo cycle effect, but a permanent lifestyle. The other important issue is exercising. At my 40s, I feel great, awesome, terrific, and allrepparttar 147818 positive adjectives you can add to feeling great.

Furthermore, I always have a motivational word when people ask me for help on how to lose weight. I understandrepparttar 147819 frustration of being overweight, hiding our bulges –better said—our fat under those big t-shirts or blazers. Sound familiar? Tell me about it, I’ve been there! I tried all kind of diets, miracle pills, diet creams, etc. Sure, I lost weight with those diets, but it was temporarily. After that fake illusion of losing few pounds, which are mostly water, I regainedrepparttar 147820 weight back, until one day I had it.

Now, let me tell you my story … it was right on my daughter’s birthday--3 years ago-- when I tookrepparttar 147821 firm decision to change my lifestyle. I remember it clearly. I was wearing a blue dress with white inrepparttar 147822 middle and heading to an Italian luncheon with some friends, where I also met Marinella, Michele, and Giuseppe who have seen my entire transformation. Then, I came back home to celebrate my daughter’s birthday and looked atrepparttar 147823 mirror, and forrepparttar 147824 very first time I did not likerepparttar 147825 person who was onrepparttar 147826 mirror. Wow! What a shocked! Forrepparttar 147827 first time, I accepted I was overweight! Good thing is that I did not get depressed, but challenged myself to bring backrepparttar 147828 true Anna full of optimism and a healthy figure. I still have my photo with that blue dress, I use it as my before and after, to keep me motivated.

That wasrepparttar 147829 beginning of my way to a healthy lifestyle. I joinedrepparttar 147830 gym, and forrepparttar 147831 first 3 months, I did cardio at least 5 times a week for 1 hour inrepparttar 147832 elliptical. I did not deprive myself, but started researching online different methods to lose weight and understanding howrepparttar 147833 body functions. I also started watching programs on nutrition andrepparttar 147834 inspirational stories shown by Oprah Winfrey.

Gradually, I adjusted my exercise program to 4 times a week cardio and weight lifting every 2 days to tone my muscles and avoid stretch marks for losing weight excessively. Imagine, at 230 pounds, I could not do fast cardio exercises, so I started with home video exercises from none other than Richard Simmons. Those times were special for me. It was party time, exercising while dancing torepparttar 147835 tunes of “I will Survive,” “Shake your Booty,” (this was my favorite part, therefore, thanks Richard!), “Born to be Alive,” or “It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To," until I went to Kathy Smith and Denise Austin cardio and fat burning exercises videos.

Too Busy for Exercise? Find a Better Excuse ...

Written by (c) Anna "Overweight? NO MORE!"

Many people tell me "I am just too busy and don't have time to exercise." Well, I used to say that when finding an excuse for not exercising, not anymore. We can find at least 15 minutes a day for exercising.

For example, Canadian researchers report inrepparttar June issue ofrepparttar 147812 Journal of Applied Physiology that just six minutes of intense exercise a week can keep people as fit as three hour-long jogs. According to Martin J. Gibala, PhD, associate professor of kinesiology

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