How I got a Robot to Vacuum the House

Written by By Donald Grummett

Like most people I really hated to vacuumrepparttar house. I thought anyone who enjoyed vacuuming was close to insanity. Well, I must be crazy too because I have started vacuuming every few days. Why? Because I purchased a robotic vacuum cleaner.

All you do is place it onrepparttar 137497 floor, turn it on, and push repparttar 137498 clean button to start it off on its cleaning odyssey. It will circle a couple of times and then off it goes around repparttar 137499 room seeking out dirt and dust. Whetherrepparttar 137500 floor is carpets, hardwood, ceramic, or tiles it does them all with equal enthusiasm.

It is not a toy or gimmick. Rather, it is part of a new generation of household equipment that will soon become common. They are products that can make decisions as to how best to accomplish a task. Not quite true artificial intelligence, but definitely smart enough to vacuumrepparttar 137501 rugs for you.

The two preeminent manufacturers of these vacuums are Electrolux* and Roomba*.

The Electrolux version is probablyrepparttar 137502 most sophisticated. It incorporates eight ultrasonic sensors and some advanced computer reasoning. It sends out a sound beam that allows it to determine where allrepparttar 137503 objects are located inrepparttar 137504 room. It can even find its way back torepparttar 137505 charger whenrepparttar 137506 power levels begin to drop. Once charged, it will appear again to continuerepparttar 137507 cleaning. When it determinesrepparttar 137508 room is clean it goes back torepparttar 137509 charger, turns around, backs into it, and turns itself off. This robot vacuum has been available in Europe for a couple of years. It appears to berepparttar 137510 most complex of these machines and comes with a $1795 price tag.

The robot vacuum cleaner I purchased isrepparttar 137511 Roomba, manufactured byrepparttar 137512 iRobot company. It is a simpler and much less expensive version and carries a price tag of approximately $249. Its round shape, bright colour, and flashing buttons give it a futuristic look. At three inches in height and one foot in diameter it looks like a miniature flying sauce as it scurries acrossrepparttar 137513 floor.

It uses a bump-and-turn method of operation. Once operational it goes in a straight until it bumps into something. Each time it encounters an obstacle it turns and goes off in an alternate direction. If an unusually dirty area is foundrepparttar 137514 vacuum will circle until it is satisfied repparttar 137515 area is sufficiently clean. This way dusty corners or something such as cookie crumbs get extra attention.

How to Control Mice Without Poison

Written by Marilyn Pokorney

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In just six months one pair of mice can eat more than four pounds of food and deposit about 18,000 droppings. Food contaminated by mice is about 10 times greater than what is eaten. Also, food wasted by mouse nibbling is much more than what is eaten.

Here are some ways to prevent pets and children from being poisoned by using natural mice control.

Mice like to eat seeds, grains, and foods high in fat or sugar. These types of food can be used for bait. Such items include bacon and bacon fat, candies such as tootsie rolls and anise teddy bears, butter, peanut butter, avocados, pizza crusts and nutmeats. Chocolate covered peanut candy will kill mice. Chocolate is poisonous to mice. Switch bait occasionally--it makesrepparttar 137292 mice more likely to investigaterepparttar 137293 new food offering.

Place traps along walls between mice habitat and food sources. Place under cupboards or other furniture inrepparttar 137294 dark to help prevent household pets from being injured byrepparttar 137295 traps.

Don't leave pet food out at night--at least until you are sure all mice are caught.

Take a deep wastebasket or other container that is at least 12 inches deep. Put a plastic garbage bag in it along with cereal such as cornflakes, or other mouse food. Place it near a kitchen counter where mice are known to crawl. The mice will jump down intorepparttar 137296 container but will not be able to crawl or jump back out. Dispose ofrepparttar 137297 mice in any way you choose.

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