How I Increased my site traffic by 75% in 30 days

Written by Syd Johnson

1. Page Title Ė Google likes a good page name. If you look atrepparttar top ten listing for any search term you will see thatrepparttar 150717 name ofrepparttar 150718 page is often more important thanrepparttar 150719 domain name. The page name isrepparttar 150720 unique factor that will prompt web surfers to click over to your site.

Most people donít spend their time sifting throughrepparttar 150721 domain name and evenrepparttar 150722 site description. Pick a good page name and it could makerepparttar 150723 difference inrepparttar 150724 order of your listing and whether or not you get that click.

2. Page Name Ė Yahoo seems to heavily favorrepparttar 150725 long page name route. I have had pages appear inrepparttar 150726 top ten searches with really long URLs. Ifrepparttar 150727 URL matchesrepparttar 150728 exact search phrase that was typed intorepparttar 150729 search engine, I can usually get my page inrepparttar 150730 top 10 searches.

3. Content over SEO Ė Having good site content is a much better strategy than stuffing your pages with keywords. Too many keywords can get you penalized or banned fromrepparttar 150731 search engines. Good site content will keep you inrepparttar 150732 engines and prompt people to make one way links to your website and internal pages.

4. Be useful Ė The most popular sites are consistentlyrepparttar 150733 ones that offer great tools, tips and advice. Offer free articles, web tools, how to advice, instructions, maps, phone numbers, insider tips etc. These arerepparttar 150734 things that will make your site sticky. You will become an important resource worthy of a bookmark and possibly backlinks.

Five Ways To Win The Favor Of Search Engines

Written by Dechen Lau

Youíve got a cool new website with allrepparttar works: cool Flash presentations, eye-catching colors, informative text, easy-to-use layout, and an interesting topic. You think your site is amazing, and you know that others will agree with you. If only they know it exists.

How do you make your website known? How do you make yours stand out among millions of others? You can spend lots of money on advertisement, but that will not work if you donít haverepparttar 150252 money to spare on advertising. So what do you do? Make search engines work for you, thatís what!

Google, Yahoo, MSN, Lycos, Altavista - you want to be atrepparttar 150253 top of their results list. The higher your site is in a search results page,repparttar 150254 better chances that it will be visited. The science behind making your site a popular search result is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Donít worry, though - even if SEO is referred to as a science, it is not all that complicated. You just need to take note of a few things, and before you know it, your site will have more visitors than you could ever dream of.

Here are five tips to ensure that your site would be a favorite of search engines all aroundrepparttar 150255 cyber world.

1. Give importance to substance over appearance.

Do you want to share your knowledge on a subject that you have authority on? Do you want to sell products? Do you want to build an online shrine for your favorite actress? Whatever topic you have chosen for your website, make sure that you are able to give useful information on it. Search engines work by scanning sites for keywords. They search text and completely ignore everything else. So if you have made your site rich in colors, donít forget to make it rich in content as well. After all, a beautiful layout can make people look, but relevant content is what will make them stay. Remember, in this day and age: content is king!

2. Know your topic well

If you know much about your topic, you will know what people usually ask about it, and what they ask about it is what they will type inrepparttar 150256 search bar. When writingrepparttar 150257 content for your website, put yourself in your other peopleís shoes, people who will be your target audience or market. Knowrepparttar 150258 possible questions they might have about your topic, and give answers in your site.

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