How I Host My New eBook Domains For FREE!

Written by Michael Hopkins

When it comes to selling ebooks online, one thing is certain: a small focused website that features just one lead product will far outsell a big website that features lots of products and links.

By focusing on just one product, you avoid distracting your visitors or forcing them to make decisions. That way, they'll takerepparttar time to study your product and repparttar 108485 chances of making a sale are vastly increased.

I can seerepparttar 108486 evidence for this in my own business. Whilerepparttar 108487 main company website ( continues to bring in a steady stream of sales, it's actuallyrepparttar 108488 individual websites for each ofrepparttar 108489 ebooks that are responsible forrepparttar 108490 lion's share of orders.

The problem, however, with having one website for every single ebook is that it adds a lot of extra overheads. In general you're looking at minimum $100 for any kind of webhosting and somewhere between $8 and $35 for a domain name.

These are not huge figures, but let's face it, costs are costs and if you're in business you want to keep them as low as possible.

That's why I felt it was worth sharing with you my little 'trick' for setting up brand new websites for justrepparttar 108491 price of a domain name.

This week I launched a new website for our ebook publishing guide "You Step By Step Guide to Success On The Internet". The TOTAL cost to set up this new website ( was just $8.97!

So how did I manage that?

Firstly, it's worth noting that I use an excellent hosting service for my main website One ofrepparttar 108492 many features they include for just $9.95/month isrepparttar 108493 ability to create your own sub-domains (

Steal My E-books...Please!

Written by Wayne Perkins

"My mission in life is to help you achieve your mission in life."

Do you know whatrepparttar most common question I receive from my e-book- consulting clients?

The question is...How do I keep someone from stealing my e-books?"

My answer to that question is... you want people to steal your e- books!

Here are three reasons you want people to steal your e-books.

1. Qualify more consulting clients.

Recently 3 separate individuals called my home and asked me if a document they found under another author's name was mine. They were afraid it was stolen and wanted to make me aware what was happening to my valuable e-book files.

Actually, I sold reprint and distribution rights for this document to repparttar 108484 accused. In addition I sold him co-author rights as well.

I added that everything was okay.

The three callers have now become my consulting service clients since repparttar 108485 initial phone calls.

I would have never found these 3 clients forrepparttar 108486 fact that they were good Samaritans, informing me of possible "evil doing."

2. Create and Ignite "cluster bombs" Filled with Money.

How would you like to create and set off bombs and not hurt anyone? I plant a series of cluster bombs; loaded with money that can be triggered by thieves in each e-book I create.

These cluster bombs include valuable resource information that either directrepparttar 108487 reader to my free information, e-books and telephone consulting overrepparttar 108488 Internet or to affiliate links that driverepparttar 108489 reader to other websites.

This is all great, NO-SPAM publicity for me.

Inrepparttar 108490 case of my most popular digital product, "Stage Hypnotist Training, " I include my Associate's Program links over to repparttar 108491 best books on Stage Hypnotism written by other authors.

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