How I Couldn't Sell Noah A Lifeboat.....If The Ark Was Full Of Holes

Written by Dave Cole

Folks, let's clear up some misconceptions about network marketing that have been floating around lately.

Network marketing is NOT about becoming a super salesman.

I am currently building a very large and prosperous network marketing business that is growing by leaps and bounds.

What I am NOT doing is selling.

In fact I hate selling.

One ofrepparttar last things I would ever want to be is a "salesman."

Honestly, I doubt if I could sell Noah a lifeboat ifrepparttar 122570 Ark was full of holes!

What I am is a teacher.

Network marketing is about teaching.

Teaching others to be successful. Teaching others to build their own business. Teaching others to achieve their dreams. Teaching others to teach others to be successful.

I am inrepparttar 122571 business of helping other folks make their dreams come true.

Isn't that a great way of looking at it!

The most successful folks in network marketing are those that can effectively teach people to show other folks how they too can be a success at this.

I am also a story teller.

I tell folks howrepparttar 122572 products have affected our pet's lives and our lives and howrepparttar 122573 business has affected our long term plans and finances.

I teach my distributors they are Representatives of a First Class company - NOT salespersons for it.

Walk into a Volkswagen dealership and you will find salespersons. Walk into a Jaguar dealership and you will find representatives......there's a big difference.

Can you tell other people a short story about how a particular product has positively affected your life?

Anyone can do that!

Why MLM Works for Me!

Written by Glen Palo

To tellrepparttar truth, at first, multi-level marketing (MLM) did not work for me.

As a successful business man with my own business, I thought starting an MLM business to create another source of income would be easy.

As I learned in business school, marketing isrepparttar 122569 lifeblood of every business. Businesses spend billions every day getting their "message" out torepparttar 122570 consumers. The "message" I was hearing was thatrepparttar 122571 internet wasrepparttar 122572 place to be. The place to make millions in a short period of time.

It was high tech this and high tech that. What I had forgotten about success in business is that a business generates revenue by selling products and services. And that selling involves an exchange of money for something of "value." The more products and services a business sells, more revenue is generated.

Unfortunately, too many MLM schemes are being marketed onrepparttar 122573 internet as legitimate businesses. The product being offered isrepparttar 122574 "opportunity" to make a fortune as ifrepparttar 122575 "opportunity" has value in its own right. The message being marketed was that anyone joiningrepparttar 122576 MLM business could make a fortune by getting other people to buy intorepparttar 122577 "opportunity."

What I and other people failed to realize isrepparttar 122578 multi-level marketing is just one way of moving products and services intorepparttar 122579 marketplace. Success comes from moving more products and services intorepparttar 122580 marketplace. MLM is notrepparttar 122581 end; justrepparttar 122582 means.

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