How I Build a Huge List of Opt-in Subscribers

Written by Bibi Liew

So now you have signed up Affiliate Programs, posted links aroundrepparttar Internet, have your own website, and what's now? Well, what you need to do now is build a HUGE list of loyal opt-in subscribers! Everyone wants and needs to grow their opt-in list to get anywhere in this industry, fromrepparttar 151203 complete newbie torepparttar 151204 most successful Guru.

Opt-in email isrepparttar 151205 opposite of "Spam" email. When people voluntarily sign up for your newsletter, they are "opting-in" to your mail list.

Building an opt-in email list isrepparttar 151206 most powerful way to draw subscribers to your website again and again. If you have signed up for Stone Evans Plug-In-Profit Site, it's already comes with a free 400 day pre-written ezine in a box. This save your time writing your own ezine where it can take up weeks and even months to have your newsletter ready for your business. If you don't have a Plug-In-Profit Site, get one for FREE.

If you choose to write your very own ezine, you can check out Corey Rudl's "The Insider Secrets To Marketing Your Business On The Internet --Version 2005" where he wrote a huge chapter devoted specially to explaining how you can develop a fantastic newsletter and get thousands of people to subscribe.

Next is finding a tool to work for you, an auto-responder. I am personally using 2005 Pro Version auto-responder from GetResponse. You can sign up for a free account but I recommend you upgrade to Pro Version for $17.95 per month, or $145.40 per year where you save $70. With your GetResponse 2005 Pro, you can create as many auto-responders as you want with no advertising onrepparttar 151207 top of your ezine.

Blogging for Profit

Written by Bibi Liew

I recommended that you get a Blog and link back and forth to your website. Combining a blog and a website is an effective way of generating traffic.

What is a Blog? A Blog, or a Web Log, is an online diary where you can post your thoughts and keep it as a private journal or you can place it where your readers can get together and place entries.

When blog first came, it was adopted by teenagers and later by adults to write about their daily lives. Then writers and journalist enteredrepparttar blog world writing about books and investigative reports. But, there's a few people invented "Business Blog".

Suddenly blogs started appearing on business websites all overrepparttar 151202 Internet after people discover search engine like Google and Yahoo were displaying blogs. The impact was huge.

As a result, people starting creating blogs hopping to get more prospective customers to visit their websites.

User Friendly - Blogs are easy to update and are automatically formatted as you upload them. The easiest way to get started is to create a free account in Blogger is part of Google and it offer dozens of templates which you can customize by changing layouts and colors. It allows you to publish your blog withoutrepparttar 151203 need to know about HTML or FrontPage and FTP etc... All you need to do is write your own content.

Create Discussions & Write Honest Reviews - Having your own business blog allows you to create discussion aboutrepparttar 151204 program or products that you are selling and list any updates to your regular website. You need to know your products and preferable use it yourself so that you can write honest review about it. What better way to promote a product and get people to believe it's great than to say you use it too? In other words, it enables you to interact with your prospects. Blogs have a comment function which allows your customers and prospects to post their thoughts and opinions. As a result, your potential customers will have more trust and confidence in your products or services.

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