How Heavy Hitters Avoid Rejection Working MLM Leads

Written by Ed Forteau

“But, these people are telling me NO and I don’t likerepparttar way that feels,” he told me.

“The same rejection, real or imagined, that make some people $10,000 per month in this industry will cause others to abandon their dreams,” I replied.

Inrepparttar 122479 MLM industry, you seerepparttar 122480 heavy hitters who know how to work MLM leads flourish no matter ifrepparttar 122481 industry is up, down or flat. Why? What do they know thatrepparttar 122482 masses buying MLM leads don’t know? How are they able to quickly and easily get through enough leads and findrepparttar 122483 right people to give them a $10,000+ per month lifestyle?

There’s a quote I use in our seminars, “The fire that burns one person warms another”.

Heavy hitters know how to get warmed and not burned in working MLM leads.

First, a couple of facts.

FACT #1 – MLM lead quality has steadily gone down overrepparttar 122484 last 10 years.

FACT #2 – The quantity of leads has risen and wellrepparttar 122485 asrepparttar 122486 number of MLM lead companies.

Fact #3 – MLM lead lists are sold over and over again. The people you call have heard their phone ring many times from these lists!

Being atrepparttar 122487 junction of these three facts is needlessly hurting tens of thousands of well intentioned MLMr’s.

Our survey of top MLM lead list buyers who make full-time incomes has revealed three critical points.

Critical point #1 – A manual phone sort after an internet automated sort is no longer enough. You used to be able to ask someone 3-4 qualifying questions and determine who you should take through your information process. Not anymore. Nowrepparttar 122488 numbers you need take through most systems are three to four times what they were just a few years ago.

Critical point #2 – Heavy hitters tell us rejection never feels like rejection if it’s from someone who truly can be successful in MLM. Itrepparttar 122489 prospect is truly high quality, they’ll take a serious look at your opportunity in a business-like fashion. That is a good feeling. This is opposite ofrepparttar 122490 millions of tire kickers and wannabees filling out lead inquiry forms as you read this. These low quality prospects drainrepparttar 122491 life blood out of you. That kind of rejection is blood curdling.

The Struggling Internet Marketer

Written by Bobby Walker

Instead of giving you advice on how to make a million bucks, and

pretending to be famous and wealthy, I would like to talk about

allrepparttar net-prenuers who aren't making a living onrepparttar 122478 information


Everytime you turn around, someone is trying to sell yourepparttar 122479 next

sliced bread, orrepparttar 122480 answer to your prayers. Who's buying these

dreams? I'll tell you who, people like me, people that still have

a full-time job and are getting griped out by their spouses for

spending to much time onrepparttar 122481 net when they get home! People who are

hoping one day they can make a better life for themselves. Butrepparttar 122482 sad

truth is that most ofrepparttar 122483 people who are buying these products never

see any residual income at all. Meanwhile,repparttar 122484 big dogs are getting richer

and richer. No need to prove my point on this, just look at allrepparttar 122485

Wal-Mart stores inrepparttar 122486 United States.

But there is hope for struggling net warriors, inrepparttar 122487 form of Stone Evans!

Yes, this guy is everywhere. It's hard to do any type of home business

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