How Healers Can Prevent Healing

Written by A K Whitehead

How Healers Can Prevent Healing by A K Whitehead Do you have a tendency to shiftrepparttar vblame for things that seem to turn out wrong? Most of us do! mThe occurrance of nonhealing inrepparttar 126951 Christian ministry is no exception. Usually we shiftrepparttar 126952 blame ontorepparttar 126953 poor individual with whom we are praying.

Look at most books on healing. They will have a chapter on nonhealing in which allrepparttar 126954 causes are attributed one way or another to person being prayed with.

The problems are fairly common, inrepparttar 126955 sense of occuring quite frequently. Ask yourself: which ofrepparttar 126956 following is/are most likely to apply to you? That will put you onrepparttar 126957 road to significantly greater success in your praying for healing.

1.Everything In The Bible Is True But Not All Truth Is In The Bible John said in his gospel thatrepparttar 126958 world would not have been large enough to contain an account of allrepparttar 126959 things that Jesus did and said (John 21. 25). How big wouldrepparttar 126960 Bible have to be to contain all truth?

We are concerned here only with healing. We can learn much about how to pray with others for healing fromrepparttar 126961 gospels. But canrepparttar 126962 gospels tell us everything about it? Of course not. So we need to use some commonsense and prayer, in relation to our experience, to fill-inrepparttar 126963 gaps. If we are prepared to be self- critical and learn from our experience, in this activity as in others, we shall see a gradual increase in our success rate.

2. We Imitate Jesus But We Are Not Jesus In our book "The Keys To Praying For Healing" my wife and I discuss this whole reality. Everyone Jesus prayed with was healed. That is atarget for us. It is not arule governing our experience in praying for healing. Notice that even Jesus' near disciples had difficulties in sucuring healing when praying with others (e.g. Mark 9. 14 - 18). Since wew are not Jesus, sometimes we shall fail.

This failure may well be due to our own deficiencies on occasions. A deficiency is not necessarilyrepparttar 126964 same thing as a fault. For example, we can have a deficiency because of ignorance. If we are ignorant of something, we cannot take it into account. But in other cases we may be ignorant of something weought to have known about. The we are at fault.

But read Acts and see how Peter learned from his observations of Jesus (e.g. Acts 3. 2 - 8). Compare his approach to Jesus' approach. Can we not do that same? Of course. And from that we shall learn to increase our rate of success inrepparttar 126965 healing ministry.

Yet we shall never equalrepparttar 126966 success rate of Jesus himself. So a fundamental rule is: dorepparttar 126967 best you can atrepparttar 126968 time and do not become discouraged by what might appear to be failure. Allowing oneself to get down is a cause of failure we can (and certainly should) avoid. No prayer can be categorised as complete failure because God always responds to us in some way.

Who Lives Your Life?

Written by A K Whitehead

Who Lives Your Life? by A K Whitehead

We often hear people make remarks like "I live my life torepparttar full" or "No one tells me what to do" and so forth. Those who make such remarks are either worldly people or people whose attitudes are dominated byrepparttar 126950 world.

Following The World Things are, or should be, very different forrepparttar 126951 Christian. Why? Simply because someone who is imitating Jesus cannot atrepparttar 126952 same time be imitatingrepparttar 126953 world. Revelation 12.9 tells us two interesting facts. The first is that, whenrepparttar 126954 ancient serpent, or Satan was defeated he was not consigned to hell but was hurled torepparttar 126955 earth, and his angels with him.

Secondly, we are told that Satan leadsrepparttar 126956 whole world astray. Consequently, those who followrepparttar 126957 world follow Satan. Perhaps not knowingly, nor willingly. But then, Satan cares little about how much people know or whether they would do what they do willingly if they knew differently!

What isrepparttar 126958 alternative? How do we guard ourselves against being misled? How do we avoid being duped by Satan?

Following Jesus = Following The Spirit Every Christian has been given Jesus as his/her model. His isrepparttar 126959 example we follow - in everything!

This is not easy but it is something we have to keep pursuing. Now, in John's gospel Jesus makes a particular principle of his very clear. On several separate occasions he tells us that he never does anything except that it is inrepparttar 126960 Father's will for him (e.g. John 5. 19; 5. 30, 77. 16;8. 29). It is therefore our task to live as nearly as possible inrepparttar 126961 Father's will. It is no more than Jesus has instructed us. How do we do it?

Living Through The Spirit We are givenrepparttar 126962 Holy Spirit to be our mentor. A mentor is someone who guides us. He is wise and trusted advisor. Someone we can rely on totally to give usrepparttar 126963 very best direction in whatever circumstance we might find ourselves in, whatever problems and decisions we are faced with.

The Bible usesrepparttar 126964 term "Paraclete". (Some bibles userepparttar 126965 term "Counsellor" as in John 14. 26) This is a Greek word and can sound a bit off-putting to us. Butrepparttar 126966 Greeks had a type of boat which was sent out to ships which were in difficulties. It was called a paracletos, which gives us another insight intorepparttar 126967 intended role ofrepparttar 126968 Holy Spirit in our lives.

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