How Glow Sticks Work

Written by Mrs. Party... Gail Leino

How Glow Sticks Work...

Glow sticks are fun party supplies.  When sending out your party invitations, think ofrepparttar interesting Chemistry involved with your party favors.  Glow sticks work by a chemical reaction called “chemiluminescence” which causes light to be generated.  (That's a trivia question for some party games!)  By breaking uprepparttar 127648 word chemiluminescence into 2 parts, chemi and luminescence we can better understand.

Luminescence is emission of light not caused by a rise in temperature (the object emitting light stays cold). The light is released by atoms returning from "excited" (charged) state to normal "ground" state.  It means, an object which glows, first must absorb energy to get into "excited state."  That energy will be released (in form of light) byrepparttar 127649 object returning torepparttar 127650 ground state of energy.  The energy can be supplied in many ways, but in our particular case of glow sticksrepparttar 127651 energy is supplied by a chemical reaction (what makesrepparttar 127652 "chemi" in chemiluminescence).  Typical glow sticks as chemical reactants use a hydrogen peroxide solution (which is calledrepparttar 127653 "activator"), a solution of phenyl oxalate ester and a fluorescent dye (which makesrepparttar 127654 color).  The activator is stored in a thin glass capsule.  Whenrepparttar 127655 glass capsule is broken by flexing a

Graphology & Graphotherapy

Written by Nilesh Gore

|| Graphology & Graphotherapy ||

By Nilesh Gore :- Everybody wants to know more about peoples inner personality, Especially peoples with whom you are dealing and peoples whom you like, dislike, adore & love. Now haven’t you ever thought of just knowing a person inside out and there should be a method for this also? Here isrepparttar science which can make you read a person like book. The accuracy level of reading is amazingly high. This science is known as ‘Graphology’ Andrepparttar 127647 art of handwriting analysis (i.e Handwriting Analysis). Grapho-therapy is used to improve certain skills, attitudes, way of thinking, Health, mind , relationships and much more.

Graphology isrepparttar 127648 science of understandingrepparttar 127649 human mind through person’s handwriting. When a person writes,repparttar 127650 signal inrepparttar 127651 form of letters get decoded / printed onrepparttar 127652 paper byrepparttar 127653 fingers. Graphology aims at understanding & interpreting these signals throughrepparttar 127654 writing. Using this we can know a persons mind sorepparttar 127655 thoughts, character and behavior. Graphology is used to understand following things >> ·1: Understand yourself much better. ·2: Child development. ·3: Selecting Life-Partner. ·4: Selecting Business Partner. ·5: Employee Selection / Recruitments ·6: Criminology. ·7: Knowing Your Friends, Colleagues, relatives, etc.

Now Lets know above things more closely 1: Understand yourself much better. :- Graphology helps and individual to know persons Strength & Weaknesses & see himself in totally new light. It can reveal various problems & its reasonsrepparttar 127656 are associated withrepparttar 127657 past life. Graphology can help in understanding & removingrepparttar 127658 mental blocks to achieve greater personal & professional success.

2: Child development.:- Every child’s mind is programmed inrepparttar 127659 childhood byrepparttar 127660 influence ofrepparttar 127661 male and female images inrepparttar 127662 child’s life usuallyrepparttar 127663 parents. Parents can understand their children in a better perspective & will come to know there strengths , weaknesses, likes, dislikes, Skills way of thinking, health & influence of their parents on him and can mould them to enhance their hidden skills for becoming better individuals of tomorrow.

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