How Get Targeted Traffic On Overture For Pennies

Written by John Colanzi

I'm always looking for more ways to get targeted traffic from my articles. I decided to give pay per click search engines a try.

The best place to start was Overture. The only problem with Overture isrepparttar high price for many of their search terms.

I knew I couldn't affordrepparttar 125061 $3 or more for some ofrepparttar 125062 keywords. That just wouldn't be cost effective.

I ran a search forrepparttar 125063 keyword Free Content. It turned out Free Content wasrepparttar 125064 most searched for term in that category.

I next ran a search forrepparttar 125065 top bids. It turned out I could get listed inrepparttar 125066 top 4 for $.07.

I placed my bid and waited for approval.

I didn't expect very much for $.07, but who knows.

After two weeks ofrepparttar 125067 test I've already had over 50 targeted hits.

"Hey! Where's My Ad?"

Written by Peg Bastin

Have you ever wondered why you didn't seerepparttar free ad you submitted? I bet you thought you hadrepparttar 125060 perfect ad! Why isn't it there? Well, let me give you some idea of why newsletter publishers get gray hair!

You MUST followrepparttar 125061 guidelines. Guidelines? What's that mean? Is that like RULES? YES!

There is only so much space available for advertising in a newsletter. To accommodate as many free ads as possible there are limits on ad size.

Let's take a look at some of these guidelines:

1. Spelling and typing errors.

If you want to be believable, check your ad for proper spelling and typing errors. Use capital letters atrepparttar 125062 beginning of sentences, not through repparttar 125063 whole ad. Don't use all caps as it makes your ad hard to read, and reminds me of salespeople yelling at me to buy their product. Not likely!

2. Making your links clickable.

URL's must begin with http:// and email addresses with mailto: in order to be 'clickable.' If readers can't just click on your URL or email address to see your offer, you will lose their attention. Most are too lazy to 'cut and paste' your URL into their browser window. Make it easy for them to view your offer.

3. Formatting your ad.

When you get torepparttar 125064 end of your 60 or 65 character line - you do a 'hard return' (for you Newbie's - that means you hitrepparttar 125065 Enter key) to go on torepparttar 125066 next line of your ad. This 'hard return' will keeprepparttar 125067 lines from running allrepparttar 125068 way acrossrepparttar 125069 page, whichrepparttar 125070 publisher must takerepparttar 125071 time to correct. 4. Characters per line. The most popular choice is 60 to 65 characters per line. Some list servers can only accept a certain number of letters per line. If your ad exceeds this limit, it will not lookrepparttar 125072 same as you typed it. It will be one long line and a one word line, then another long line and so on.

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