How Fear Can Stop Your Dreams

Written by Jordan Francis

Let me tell you something. Fear is bad. Fear isrepparttar opposing force to taking action. To achieving results... to reaching out and fulfilling your dreams.

Fear can stop you from taking action that could improve your life considerably.

I have direct experience of fear getting inrepparttar 117378 way of my dreams.

Iím a Kung Fu nut.

Last year, I really wanted to travel to Malaysia so that I could do a Shaolin Kung Fu course. This is dream stuff for me. I REALLY wanted to do it.

It was expensive and it would mean I would have to travel alone to a different country, but I really REALLY wanted to do it.

Lots of people travel alone allrepparttar 117379 time, and would not consider this to be a problem, but for me itísrepparttar 117380 opposite. Sure, it sounds fun, itís an adventure and all but I just couldnít get comfortable with it.

I didnít go to Malaysia.

Now itís a year later, andrepparttar 117381 course is available again.

Same place, same fee. And I haverepparttar 117382 same fear.

Am I going?

I can not let this fear inside rule me. Itís not fair right? Why should I let it rule me, why let is get inrepparttar 117383 way of my dreams?

You see fear can berepparttar 117384 opposing force to realising your dreams. It stopped me last year, and I didnít really know why. This year is different though. I still have those feelings,repparttar 117385 fear, but this time I know that if I...

...takerepparttar 117386 first step

...the rest WILL follow.

It just has to. What isrepparttar 117387 worst that could happen? Nothing that couldnít just happen any other day.

So I WILL be going to Malaysia this year, in April to be exact, to learn Shaolin Wahnam Kung Fu from my Sigung (Sifu Wong Kiew Kit) and I canít wait.

So what has this got to do with you? What has this got to do with running a home business?

==> Fear isrepparttar 117388 opposing force to taking action... realising your dreams.

I want to ask you something.

Is fear stopping you from doing something that you really want to do? It could be about work, it could be about anything.

It could be that you are worried about what other people will think.

It could be commitments that you feel are stopping you from taking action.

Is it a fear of losing?

It could be that you are worried about making mistakes. It could berepparttar 117389 plain and simple fear that I described above.

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