How Does A Person Acquire Diabetes

Written by Charlene J. Nuble

Diabetes is a condition whererepparttar body, or to be preciserepparttar 150702 pancreas, loses its ability to create insulin,repparttar 150703 chemical necessary to regulate blood sugar levels. As we take in food, a substance called glucose enters throughrepparttar 150704 bloodstream, and it is insulin's role to make sure that that glucose is carried to different parts ofrepparttar 150705 body, in turn fuels us withrepparttar 150706 energy we need. Diabetes is often considered as a silent disease, much like cancer and nearly five out of ten people are unaware that they have diabetes.

So how did we get such a disease? A known fact about diabetes is that it can be hereditary, especially if a family member has a history of diabetes. Obesity is also one ofrepparttar 150707 most common factors, leading torepparttar 150708 lack of exercise and high blood pressure levels. US studies have shown that diabetes can also develop when a mother gives birth to a child who weighs more than 9 pounds.

There are two types of diabetes: The Type 1 diabetes inflicts mostly children whenrepparttar 150709 pancreas completely loses its ability to secrete insulin. Common diabetic symptoms include excessive thirst, frequent urination and continued weight loss despite of excessive hunger. They begin to be insulin dependent and its dire results may also include blindness and amputation of certain limbs inrepparttar 150710 body.

Type Two diabetes is far more common than Type One. Its symptoms may include those of Type One, but its leading concern is that nearly half of diabetics may not be able to have such symptoms andrepparttar 150711 cause of hereditary diabetes to children. They are often considered as non-insulin dependents, in which an excessive secretion of insulin passes throughrepparttar 150712 bloodstream, causingrepparttar 150713 body to develop a high resistance torepparttar 150714 chemical. The end result would berepparttar 150715 high blood glucose content, which can be treated with regular exercise and a high protein diet of starch and carbohydrates.

Adult Acne: A Bumpy Ride Towards Aging

Written by Charlene J. Nuble

Picture this;repparttar snow-white clear skin that you have been proud of since your teen years has suddenly poofed into a wicked witch's warty face upon reachingrepparttar 150701 age of 30! "Acne, at my age?" This is oftenrepparttar 150702 distressed statement of pockmarked men and women in their 30's to 40's afflicted with adult acne.

This problem is surely notrepparttar 150703 work of a vengeful sorcerer. Acne vulgaris is what this most common skin disorder inrepparttar 150704 United States is scientifically called. Statistics has it that 15 million people in US alone are afflicted with acne. It is an embarrassing problem among teenagers. But this condition is not only limited to those awkward years. Adult acne is also prevalent, especially among people inrepparttar 150705 age group of 25 to 40.

Acne is a disease that resulted fromrepparttar 150706 accumulation of sebum, a highbrow term for oil, underneathrepparttar 150707 skin. When this happens andrepparttar 150708 desquamation (human's way of molting) process goes wrong,repparttar 150709 pores become clogged. Aggravation will continue and soon infection sets in. A bad bug called Propionibacterium acnes causes this infection. Overproduction of oil and mismanagement ofrepparttar 150710 process of shedding cells equals bunged pores. Clogged pores plus P. acnes,repparttar 150711 scoundrel, equals breakout. Those pesky zits are produced just as easy as that.

One ofrepparttar 150712 pushing forces that may causerepparttar 150713 occurrence of acne includesrepparttar 150714 elevation of levels of testosterone among adolescents. No, it's not Toblerone misspelled. No matter how many anecdotes you've heard about chocolate addiction causing zits to dominate your face, there's really no enough scientific basis to prove this. Testosterone is a chemical produced byrepparttar 150715 body that increase sebum production and changerepparttar 150716 keratin ofrepparttar 150717 hair follicles. Testosterone is an androgen. Androgen is a hormone produced in high levels among males. This isrepparttar 150718 reason behindrepparttar 150719 worse cases of acne among teenage boys more than girls.

Adult acne is called acne rosacea. It is characterized byrepparttar 150720 following: unsightly thick, red skin onrepparttar 150721 nose and cheeks, pus-filled blisters, small red bumps, and small red blood vessels seen onrepparttar 150722 skin surface. It is more commonly linked to increased levels of stress. Isn't it interesting howrepparttar 150723 body reacts to this stimulus? NOT. When exhausted, like Gizmo getting wet, our skin could actually give birth to little monsters! Though they are not as troublesome as gremlins, they could be just as annoying as well. Seriously, pimples can be difficult to deal with, and can cause depression and anxiety in an adultrepparttar 150724 same way it can in a teen. Pressure from work and family responsibilities is thought to possibly affectrepparttar 150725 normal balance of our hormones. And hormones messed up means having to put up with bumpy complexion caused by adult acne.

Aside from stress-triggered hormonal imbalance, hot foods alcohol consumption, and smoking are also considered to exacerbate adult acne. This may help you reconsider your food preferences and habits.

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