How Do You Qualify A Sales Prospect?

Written by Barrett Niehus

How Do You Qualify A Sales Prospect?

By Barrett Niehus

Arguably,repparttar most difficult part ofrepparttar 127398 sales process is locating and qualifying a sales lead. This difficulty is compounded by gatekeepers, personal assistants, and all of those individuals that stand between you andrepparttar 127399 potential decision maker. However, through a few creative techniques, and by involvingrepparttar 127400 prospect early inrepparttar 127401 sales process, leads can be qualified, prepared, and closed with little difficulty.

In order to qualify a prospect, you must have communication. In many instances, your ability to establish communication is hindered byrepparttar 127402 inability to directly contact your prospect. Communication and information gathering is a key step inrepparttar 127403 sales process, and is a necessity to effectively selling your product. Thusrepparttar 127404 question, how do you effectively communicate with a prospect that you cannot get hold of? The answer is simple, make them come to you.

There are many marketing techniques that encourage your prospects to make initial contact. Direct mail is extremely useful, and can be used as highly effective information gathering tool. A valuable method to leverage direct mail as a qualifying tool is to create a feedback questionnaire. This can either be presented as a general questionnaire, or as a marketing survey. In order to get your prospect to respond, offer an incentive for their completion and return ofrepparttar 127405 survey.

Burn Your Boat!

Written by John Boe

Do you allow fear, anxiety and worry to dominant your thinking? Do you find yourself frequently questioning your decision to become a salesperson? Having self doubt or a lack of commitment is emotionally draining and erodes your effectiveness. A truly committed person does not haverepparttar luxury norrepparttar 127397 time forrepparttar 127398 self-indulgence of negative thinking. No great achievement has ever been accomplished without a plan and a commitment to see it through. There is magic in commitment!

In battle,repparttar 127399 ancient Greeks developed a well-deserved reputation for bravery and determination. They were successful because they were well trained, well lead and most of all, well motivated. The Greek commanders were master motivators and knew how to instill commitment and prepare their soldiers for victory. For you see, once they landed on enemy shores,repparttar 127400 Greek generals would giverepparttar 127401 order to “burnrepparttar 127402 boats.” Imaginerepparttar 127403 psychological impact onrepparttar 127404 soldiers as they watched their boats being set torepparttar 127405 torch. Once their boats were burned, they realized thatrepparttar 127406 only way they were going home was by conquering their enemy – there was no turning back.

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