How Do You Get Past A Gatekeeper?

Written by Habiba Abubakar

The best joint ventures are with people in your own network – those that already know, like and trust you. However, there’s nothing to stop you from partnering with “cold” contacts – those you’ve never associated with before, and you would therefore need to build a relationship with. This simply means it will take a bit more time to executerepparttar joint venture because any “cold” contact would need time to evaluate your character and your business before committing to a partnership with you.

One ofrepparttar 145078 skills you need to acquire if you choose to joint venture with a “cold” contact is this... getting pastrepparttar 145079 gatekeeper!

Your potential joint venture partners may not pick uprepparttar 145080 phone themselves. They may have a secretary, or an assistant, or a receptionist that screens calls before puttingrepparttar 145081 calls through to them, or someone that screens letters before puttingrepparttar 145082 letters in front of them. These people are known as gatekeepers. Your potential partners may even have a permanent voicemail kind of set up. In this case,repparttar 145083 voicemail isrepparttar 145084 gatekeeper.

Here are some tips for getting pastrepparttar 145085 gatekeeper:

•When you callrepparttar 145086 office, treatrepparttar 145087 gatekeeper withrepparttar 145088 same respect that you would treatrepparttar 145089 potential partner. This will make them warm up to you. Sound important, but courteous e.g. “Hello there, please put me through to Joe Smith.”

•Develop a relationship with a source that knows your potential partner, and then receive an introduction from that source so that you go in withrepparttar 145090 introduction fromrepparttar 145091 source. So, when you callrepparttar 145092 potential partner’s office andrepparttar 145093 gatekeeper asks what your call is regarding, you can say “His good friend, Jim Benson asked me to call him.”

•Adoptrepparttar 145094 gatekeeper i.e. develop a relationship with them. Do this by engaging in a conversation with them whenever you call. Developing a relationship withrepparttar 145095 gatekeeper comes in handy when you’ve been unable to reach your potential partner because they’re often out ofrepparttar 145096 office.

Discount Promotional Items - How to Save Money

Written by Cindy Carrera

It takes money to make money is an adage we hear everyday inrepparttar business world. So, when it comes to getting promotional items, you've got to budget for it. Or do you?

There are several ways you can save money on your promotional item order. If you are planning to kick off a campaign, create an item to woo existing customers or create an exciting event giveaway there may just be a way to pinch a penny or two.

PUT OUT FOR BID You may have a company that you've always dealt with and if that isrepparttar 145077 case, you may want to stick with them. However, if you aren't privy to a certain promotional company, then perhaps you will want to put out your order for a bid, and takerepparttar 145078 lowest price or best deal. If companies know they are being pitted against one another, they may give you a discount or throw in extras for free. This method can help you save money as otherwise, you'd juts be paying standard catalog rates.

BUY IN BULK You may or may not haverepparttar 145079 budget to do this, butrepparttar 145080 more items you buy, usuallyrepparttar 145081 lesserrepparttar 145082 cost per item. If you arerepparttar 145083 type of person to buy a little at a time, inrepparttar 145084 long run you will be essentially be spending more money. So, look atrepparttar 145085 rates for higher volume and see how you can save.

SPONSORSHIP This does not work for all types of companies or items, but inrepparttar 145086 non-profit, education and media sectors, this idea can work great. For event marketing, often times t-shirts are big giveaways. But, t-shirts are also a little bit more costly than an ink pen. So, if you can sell sponsorship onrepparttar 145087 back of a t-shirt, you can have those shirts paid for while still advertising your event. In addition to selling sponsorship to outside companies, many timesrepparttar 145088 promotional company themselves will kick in part ofrepparttar 145089 money if their logo or name can be onrepparttar 145090 shirts or other item. Radio stations are known to do this. Aside from items for specific events, you sometimes see this practice done on uniforms, such as little league teams or community sport teams. So, if you have an event coming up or just are planning to create some promotional items, it won't hurt to ask clients or neighboring businesses to help underwriterepparttar 145091 costs- after all,repparttar 145092 promo item also will promote them.

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