How Do You Feel About Cell Phone Abuse?

Written by Susan Dunn, The EQ Coach

Rememberrepparttar British noble-woman who said, re: sex, “I don’t care what two consenting adults do as long as they don’t do it inrepparttar 125541 street and frightenrepparttar 125542 horses”? She may have said “embarrass,” I can’t findrepparttar 125543 quote. Either will do, as I proceed to apply this to cell phones.

I agree they’re INDISPENSABLE. I’m uniquely qualified to say so because I was a doctor’s wife inrepparttar 125544 60’s. When he was on-call, he was chained torepparttar 125545 phone, and we couldn’t use it. Think I don’t appreciate call-waiting and cell phones? Think again.

They’re invaluable for SAFETY. I routinely drive from San Antonio to Dallas and at night, to avoidrepparttar 125546 traffic. I considerrepparttar 125547 traffic far more life-threatening than being stranded onrepparttar 125548 side of IH-35 at midnight, THANKS TOrepparttar 125549 cell phone.

They’re PRICELESS when you’re lost, running late, or have a teenager.

They allow doctors and therapists to have a life.

But there are some things we needn’t subject others to:

·If I wanted to hear why your brother is an asshole, I’d ask you. But that’s actuallyrepparttar 125550 kind of toxic environment I try to avoid—other people’s hostility. ·If I wanted to be sexually aroused by explicit phone conversation, I’d be on DIAL-A-PORN. ·If I wanted to hear your personal angst, I’d be your therapist and charging you forrepparttar 125551 phone call. ·If I wanted to be inrepparttar 125552 bathroom with you…apparently 47% of Americans think it’s fine to talk on their cells “while inrepparttar 125553 rest room,” and I assume this doesn’t mean while they’re shaving. I find this simply incomprehensible

These conversations are simply TMI.

Talking onrepparttar 125554 cell phone can also ENDANGER THE LIVES OF OTHERS. A 2002 study suggests that drivers talking on their cells cause 6% of auto accidents each year, killing an estimated 2,600 people and injuring 330,000.

And you should listen up to this: companies are now being held LIABLE for employees who have accidents while driving and talking onrepparttar 125555 cell phone. Maybe this will knock some sense into people.

There are currently 120,000,000 cell phone users inrepparttar 125556 US, and 40 state governments are considering proposals to restrict or ban their use while driving.

We are quickly moving intorepparttar 125557 realm of “frankly bizarre.” I had lunch yesterday next to a table of teenagers. The entire time two of them were on cell phones, and this made it too noisy forrepparttar 125558 other two to talk to each other – real people right in front of them. Joanna Krotz says in “Cell Phone Etiquette ”: “Every executive has their can you beat this cell story? But Mary Westheimer of offers one totally overrepparttar 125559 top: At a recent Publishers Marketing Association conference, a panel member was presenting his part ofrepparttar 125560 event. ‘His cell phone rang and he stopped his presentation and answered his phone!’”

We don’t need an anthropologist (Robbie Blinkoff, principal anthropologist for Context-Based Research group) to tell us “people are defining new rules and new behavior for what’s personal and what’s private.”

How Can Long Distance Be So Low?

Written by Gregory Hicks

How Can Long Distance Be So Low?

by Greg Hicks

Long distance... why is it that you hear this phrase bandied about so often today? On television,

onrepparttar radio, inrepparttar 125540 newspaper. There was a time not too long ago when phone service was only

thought of as that... phone service. We did not think about a local phone company AND a long

distance carrier. We got it all on one bill from one provider.

Now we have a choice.

"Oh yes", you say, "we can choose MCI, AT&T, or Sprint". Yes, we have these companies to

provide quality, reliable long distance service for our homes or businesses. And they have been

there for us for many years, with an ongoing rivalry between themselves, but we generally chose

and stayed withrepparttar 125541 carrier that we've always used, or our parents or friends have always used

paying whatever we got charged, becauserepparttar 125542 "Big Three" rates were generallyrepparttar 125543 same or close.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this either, I mean just because a choice is available,

isn'trepparttar 125544 choice to not change there as well?

Now, think of long distance service as a product. It is after all, correct? And as in any other

industry, buying product in bulk, enablesrepparttar 125545 buyer to get a lower purchase price. You and I

cannot buy phone service in bulk, but certain businesses can, and it is these businesses that have

risen up to becomerepparttar 125546 new "big boys" onrepparttar 125547 block. They have done this by purchasing long

distance usage onrepparttar 125548 existing lines and switches at volume discounts, so as to offer lower rates

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