How Do They Find You?

Written by A.T.Rendon

The movie, "Field of Dreams", starring Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones, made this line famous: "If you build it, they will come."

That idea worked great inrepparttar movie but it is a whole different ballpark when it comes to a web site or an email campaign.

The only way to attract traffic onrepparttar 119394 Internet is to PROMOTE. Andrepparttar 119395 key to successful online promotion is to know HOW your traffic found you.


Because when you know HOW your traffic found you then you will know what is working for you so that you can not only maintain it, but also increase it.

With an email campaign, it is absolutely essential to code your mailings in order to discover which one is bringing you results.

The easiest way to do that is byrepparttar 119396 use of Auto-Responders.

There are a host of FREE Auto-Responder services that will allow you to acquire as many FREE responders as you need.

For a "List of FREE Auto-Responder Services", send a blank email to our Auto-Responder at:

For example, you are promoting an ad service that pays you 50% commission. You run one ad in a newsletter, another is done via your signature in posting to a business list and still another ad is exposed via FFA Link submissions.

You can code your ads simply by calling them ad001, ad002, ad003.

When you receive a reply to ad001, you will know it came from repparttar 119397 newsletter, ad002 will be a response to your signature and ad003 will be from your FFA Link submission.

Use whatever code is appropriate for you butrepparttar 119398 important thing to remember to code it and know to what it pertains.

If you have your own web site, your hosting provider might already provide you withrepparttar 119399 tools you need to track your traffic.

All you would need to do is access your log info and review which web pages are gettingrepparttar 119400 traffic and study whererepparttar 119401 traffic is coming from to visit you.

If you do not have access to such info from you host provider, there are many good FREE online stat services you can use.


Written by Andy Walsh

The idea of this section is for you to start to build useful links from your site. Do this for two reasons:-

1.To act as a resource to your visitors 2.You may be given a reciprocal link, which should increase your traffic.

Right, now begin to consider a few ideas that you could put on a web page that would enhancerepparttar reading experience.


Where arerepparttar 119393 main locations ofrepparttar 119394 novel?

Think about this for a minute. Is it LA? Is it Paris? Is it Africa?

Now pull up your favourite search engine (I use all repparttar 119395 time it's my favourite). Now put intorepparttar 119396 search enginerepparttar 119397 location of your book. You'll be given, hopefully, thousands of websites to choose from. Look at a few ofrepparttar 119398 links. Do any seem appealing or eye-catching? If they do, add them torepparttar 119399 links section of your website or even profile a link onrepparttar 119400 home page. You've started to broaden your books appeal already.


You've written a hard-hitting police drama set in San Francisco. So, following my advice, you putrepparttar 119401 words `San Francisco' into your search engine.

What do you get?

Well, in less than a second I've found 2 million links!!!

The first link I looked at was a map ofrepparttar 119402 city. Wouldn't that be great to add as a link? People can then followrepparttar 119403 action in your book.

Then I foundrepparttar 119404 official city website. That's a must have!

I trawl through a few more links then I find a site that has a series of web cams set up. Wow!

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