How Directories Help Search Engines

Written by Mario Sanchez

Atrepparttar beginning ofrepparttar 119344 web era, users would go to directories to find sites relevant to their interests. In fact, Yahoo!,repparttar 119345 web's number one destination, started as a directory. Nowadays, most users rely on search engines, not directories, to find what they're looking for.

When search engines started to become popular, they relied on web pages' 'keyword metatags' to determinerepparttar 119346 topic and relevance ofrepparttar 119347 page (the keyword metatag is a section within a web page's HTML code where webmasters can insert words that are relevant torepparttar 119348 page's content). Webmasters discovered that by stuffing their meta tags with popular search terms repeated hundreds of times, they could propel their pages torepparttar 119349 top ofrepparttar 119350 search results.

Search engines caught up torepparttar 119351 abuse and decided to ignorerepparttar 119352 meta tags and rely instead on web page copy. Webmasters then started to overstuff their page copy with popular search terms, often writing them inrepparttar 119353 same color asrepparttar 119354 web page's background, so that they could be detected by search engines while being invisible to users.

Again, search engines discoveredrepparttar 119355 trick and decided thatrepparttar 119356 best way to rank a web page's content and its topical relevance was to rely on inbound links from other pages. The rationale behind this is that it is much more difficult to influence other people to link to you than it is to manipulate your own web page elements. In fact, inbound links arerepparttar 119357 foundation of Google's Pagerank™ algorithm.

Cult of Linking Exorcist Casts Out Linking Demons!

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

Have you ever known someone who has blind faith to a religous sect or self-improvement group and has been taken in by a charismatic leader? The devotion torepparttar cause is seemingly blind and support in donated time or financial contribution exceeds all reason? That is where we are with repparttar 119343 cult of linking. You stand by marveling at how an intelligent person could be so entirely absorbed in their linking fanaticism that they lose sight of reality? I ran an article in my blog a couple of days ago called “Link Swapping Killing Web Sites” and commented that I was glad to see some sanity returning to webmasters as a preface and introduction torepparttar 119344 Michael Cheney piece. Today I've been shown a bit more lunacy from three different angles. First, I have a client seeking quality links. He has hundreds of outbound links from his network of sites and uses his own linking script with an admin control panel where he approves or deletes links submitted.

I talked him into scrapping that and took down links torepparttar 119345 "swap" page from major pages of his sites. To replace those "Swap" links, I proposed that we use one ofrepparttar 119346 many "text link brokers" popping up acrossrepparttar 119347 web. We can simply buyrepparttar 119348 links from relevant sources from reputable brokers - or so I thought. I contacted two of those brokers asking for some type of substantiation for repparttar 119349 value ofrepparttar 119350 links they were selling. I simply asked them if they had any case studies showing search engine rank increases attributable to major text link purchases. I'm still reeling from one response. He said, "We don't keep track of that sort of thing. Most people have been happy with our partners links." I had to pick my jaw up fromrepparttar 119351 floor! He is askingrepparttar 119352 better part of $1000 for "run of site" links from a questionable "network" of sites that, although on topic, were not a good fit for my clients links. When I pointed out to him that they were all on very close IP addresses and clearly resided onrepparttar 119353 same virtual server, he seemed not to understand what I was talking about when I asked if they couldn't offer more variation in IP address range to avoid a link farm penalty fromrepparttar 119354 search engines. I shook my head in astonishment and moved on with my day and then I got a note from a colleague who asked me if I

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