How Did You Get Here?

Written by Michael Hopkins

When marketing your website, it's important to know which of your efforts are producing results and which of them are a waste of time.

You can learn a lot about this by analyzing your website's statistics (assuming your webhost offers this service).

However, even withrepparttar best statistics programs, it can be difficult to determine where exactly your visitors are coming from. Did they arrive on your product page by clicking a link in your newsletter or did they get there by clickingrepparttar 101052 banner you've paid to have displayed on Yahoo?

The best way to answer this question is to track your links. You can do this by buying link tracker software or by employing a third-party service to do it for you.

However, if your budget is tight, there's one way you can track your links without spending a dime.

This can be done by tagging a question mark followed by a piece of text atrepparttar 101053 end of your hyperlinks. This will not affect repparttar 101054 wayrepparttar 101055 link works, but will help you identify that link in your website's statistics.

For example, will point simply to as ifrepparttar 101056 "?linka" were not there at all.

Making Your Sales Copy Sell… Even In A Recession

Written by Karon Thackston

by Karon Thackston © 2002

I was talking with a group of business associatesrepparttar other day and one question popped up that was of particular interest. “Is everyone finding that sales come MUCH slower these days?” The answer from all onrepparttar 101051 call was a resounding yes! The next question won’t surprise you… “What do we do about it?”

There is no doubt that individuals and business people alike are becoming more and more cautious with their money. Rather than buying anything and everything that peaks their interest, serious consideration is being given to each and every expense. That’s natural in a recession.

What that means is advertising copy has to work harder and better. No longer will a simple quip like, “You’ll love it” or “Berepparttar 101052 first to own one” work. You have to earn each purchase. You have to prove your worth.

People who live and work in recession-laden times have specific criteria for making purchases. If your product or service “qualifies”, you getrepparttar 101053 sale. The challenge comes in determining what it takes to qualify.

I’ve said it a thousand times: “Before you write one word, get insiderepparttar 101054 mind of your customer.” You have to understand whorepparttar 101055 person/business is, what they need, what they want… and then give it to them.

In a recession,repparttar 101056 focus turns from “trying” to “getting results”. Those who might, in an ordinary economy, try something just to see if it would work will now demand proof of results. Those who would normally take a risk will now ask for guarantees.

In order to build trust and create an atmosphere conducive to converting cautious visitors into customers, you’ll need to make three things obvious in your copy:

1) Benefits. Yes, even novice advertisers know about features vs. benefits. But it is imperative that you fill your copy with as many of them as it will hold. In a recession, your customers will not wonder – but will demand to know – what’s in it for them. Let them know exactly what they will get for their dollar/pound/euro.

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