How Cell Phones Work

Written by Levetta Rivera

Each day thousands of people inrepparttar United States purchase cellular phones. At that rate it is likely that someone you know owns a cell phone and uses it on a regular basis. They are such great gadgets - and there are a ton of cool cell phone accessories you can buy to make yours stand out fromrepparttar 133503 crowd. With a cell phone you can talk to almost anyone from just about anywhere, because approximately 80% ofrepparttar 133504 U.S. has coverage. Cell phones have come a long way in a relatively short period of time but have you ever wondered exactly how a cell phone works?

A cell phone is nothing more than a sophisticated radio. A good way to understandrepparttar 133505 sophistication of a cell phone is to compare it to a CB radio. A CB radio is a simplex device. A simplex device is one in which two people communicate onrepparttar 133506 same frequency, so only one person can talk at a time. A cell phone is a duplex device, so it uses one frequency for talking, and a second separate frequency for listening. A CB radio has 40 channels. A cell phone can communicate on 1,664 channels. Cell phones also operate within cells and they can switch cells as they move around. Cells give cell phones incredible range. A CB radio can transmit about 5 miles. Someone using a cell phone, onrepparttar 133507 other hand, can drive clear across a city and maintain a conversationrepparttar 133508 entire time. Cells are what give a cell phone its incredible range. Cellular phone system technology is amazing in that a city can be chopped up into small cells that can allow extensive frequency re-use across a city. Frequency re-use is what lets millions of people own cell phones without problems. It works becauserepparttar 133509 carrier chops up an area to about 10 square miles.

The Cellular Phone Explosion

Written by Levetta Rivera

Cellular phones are big business inrepparttar United States and abroad. More than 30,000 people sign up for and start using a cellular phone every day. It's nothing short of amazing how this industry has exploded in such a short period of time. Consumers can't seem to live without their cell phones andrepparttar 133502 cool accessory gadgets that go with them. As a result wireless communications companies and retailers are raking inrepparttar 133503 dough as consumers gobble up these sophisticated devices.

Cellular phones are nothing more than sophisticated radios. A cell phone is

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