How Can You Say You Believe In God . . . .If you don't believe in yourself

Written by Jeannette Tyson Gregory

How Can You Say You Believe In God . . . .If you don't believe in Yourself? By Jeannette Tyson Gregory No matter how many workshops and seminars we provide for our youth, some are still walking away shaking their heads. They focus on weaknesses and disabilities, and their strengths and abilities go lacking. The images we have of ourselves are not self-images but how we are often seen throughrepparttar eyes of others.The average high school and college student will step on campus with some knowledge of who they are but will immediately transform into a stranger. Allow me to introduce to you that person that lies dormant onrepparttar 127019 inside screaming to be released. Listed below are a few questions that you can answer in your leisure time.1.Do you believe in yourself? 2.Are you confident of your abilities? 3.What isrepparttar 127020 biggest monster that lives inside of you? 4.Who Am I? 5.Do you recognizerepparttar 127021 potential in you? 6.Do you know how to speak torepparttar 127022 strongholds in your life? 7.Do you love yourself? When I was a child, I never doubted myself. I suffered from others not having faith in me or having doubts concerning my abilities. I had enough confidence for all ofrepparttar 127023 children around me and myself. Even in elementary school I had no problem speaking before large crowds. Fear rarely knocked at my door until others plantedrepparttar 127024 seed inside of me. Let's name that seed, Self Doubt. What do you see yourself as becoming? Who are you? (You become what you picture yourself to be). Sometimes we become what others expect us to be. If you see yourself as too short or too tall, too skinny or too fat, too light or too dark, your hair too short or too long, most likely you will begin to believe this about yourself.

Tracking God News - God Cares for His Creatures - Morpho Butterflies

Written by Ron McCluskey


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Some ofrepparttar 127019 most brilliant butterflies in tropical America arerepparttar 127020 butterflies ofrepparttar 127021 genus Morpho. Many species are brilliant metallic blue. A few ofrepparttar 127022 females are metallic red. These butterflies have a mirror like quality torepparttar 127023 upper surface of their wings. They can be seen from several miles away if they are flying overrepparttar 127024 tops ofrepparttar 127025 trees inrepparttar 127026 jungle. The sun reflects off of their brilliant wings.

So, how does God protect these beautiful creatures? Apparently they are good to eat, although I have never tried one. The birds like to eat them. But, if they are so easy to see, how do they survive? God has designed thatrepparttar 127027 brilliant reflective surface ofrepparttar 127028 wings actually protect it!

If a bird seesrepparttar 127029 Morpho and starts to chase it,repparttar 127030 butterfly will fly down intorepparttar 127031 dense shadows underrepparttar 127032 jungle canopy. Here, where it is dark,repparttar 127033 upper surface ofrepparttar 127034 wings looks almost black andrepparttar 127035 bird will have trouble seeingrepparttar 127036 butterfly. Ifrepparttar 127037 bird is still able to trackrepparttar 127038 butterfly and gets close to it,repparttar 127039 butterfly will find a shaft of sunlight coming down throughrepparttar 127040 trees. It will then fly through it, causing a FLASH of light to shine inrepparttar 127041 eyes ofrepparttar 127042 bird. The butterfly can then get away.

Oncerepparttar 127043 butterfly gets away, it will land on a tree. God designedrepparttar 127044 bottom ofrepparttar 127045 wings to have great camophlage. Because of this,repparttar 127046 butterfly can land and safely hide.

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