How Can You Learn How to Achieve Top Search Engine Rankings?

Written by Robin Nobles

How Can You Learn How to Achieve Top Search Engine Rankings?

By Robin Nobles

If you're serious about having a successful online business, you need to spend some time studyingrepparttar search engines and how they operate.

Why? Because comparatively speaking, search engine marketing is generally much less expensive than traditional forms of advertising, which certainly appeals to those of us with low (or no!) advertising budgets. Also,repparttar 128371 reach you can gain through a successful search engine marketing campaign can be extraordinary.

But, how can you learn search engine marketing strategies? People learn in many different ways.

* Some folks prefer to dig forrepparttar 128372 information themselves, hunting all overrepparttar 128373 Web hoping to find reliable and trustworthy information. Search Engine Guide ( is an excellent place to start, becauserepparttar 128374 site posts articles written by experts inrepparttar 128375 industry.

* Other people like online classes, such as those offered through a reputable company likerepparttar 128376 Academy of Web Specialists (, where they can learn inrepparttar 128377 comfort of their own homes with a trusted instructor. As you probably know, I've taught online classes throughrepparttar 128378 Academy for years.

* Still others like to attend large conferences where they can sit and listen to experts inrepparttar 128379 industry offer their advice on particular topics. In my opinion, Search Engine Strategies conferences ( are second to none, and I've served on panels at almost all of them.

* However, still others want to learn on location with more of a hands-on approach. Until now, there has never been an actual "hands on" workshop designed to build your expertise in person. These people want to meetrepparttar 128380 instructors in person and haverepparttar 128381 opportunity for personal, one-on-one interaction about their particular Web sites and their unique challenges.

So, this is why Search Engine ( was formed, a joint venture by John Alexander and Robin Nobles.

When you attend one of our workshops, you'll bring your laptop and your "Web site" with you. You'll actually be doing exercises that will help you become a more effective search engine marketer.

For example:

* Do you have a difficult time choosing keywords that really work for your business or your clients? John Alexander, one ofrepparttar 128382 leading authorities inrepparttar 128383 use of WordTracker, will demonstrate ways to use WordTracker that you've never considered.

* Do you have a difficult time writing Web site content? I'm a professional writer and author, and I'll be working with you on how to create Web site content that will appeal to your human audience.

* Are you having problems taking your Web site content and making it search engine friendly? Because this is a "workshop," a hands- on method of learning, you'll create a page of content and optimize it yourself, with your instructors standing by to offer suggestions and guide you.

Ask Mr. D - Search Engine Keywords

Written by Bill Daugherty

Dear Mr. D,

My partner and I have a website that puts together all kinds of tours of Mexico for people. I think we have great products at great prices. We have a great website that cost us a lot of money to have designed. There's just one problem, we are getting very little traffic. So, I'm sure you can guess that we aren't making any money.

It is our understanding that search engines can bring a lot of traffic to a site, but that hasn't been our experience. We have listed our site with several ofrepparttar pay-per-click engines and we have a top listing with all of them withrepparttar 128370 key phrase "Mexico Vacation Tours." But we are only getting a few hits a week. We don't know what's wrong.




Dear Defeated,

I am surprised you are getting any hits at all. Your key phrase is too narrow for most surfers to find.

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