How Can My Design Affect My Search Engine Rankings?

Written by Dawn Rowlett

Directory editors will actually review your site and be critical of issues that you might not be.

Spiders must easily be able to navigate through your site to be able to index all of your pages.

When directories or spiders become confused or slowed because of design issues, your page becomes less relevant.

Site Structure:

Keep all of your important pages inrepparttar root directory.

Name pages after important keyword phrases (After you have researched your keywords).

Name directories after important keyword phrases.

Include a site map that includes links to all of your pages. Include a keyword rich description for each link that is relevant torepparttar 143603 page you are linking to.

Create a customized 404 page that fitsrepparttar 143604 design of your main pages and includes links to all of your important pages -- especially your home page.


Keep your navigation, torepparttar 143605 right of your pages, inrepparttar 143606 middle or atrepparttar 143607 end of your pages. If you have your navigation onrepparttar 143608 left your page or atrepparttar 143609 top, this will berepparttar 143610 first thing that a spider will see. You want your body text to appear to a spider before your navigation. Doing this will make your body text appear to be more relevant.

Navigation should be simple and easy to understand and hard to get lost within your site.

Heavily cross link all of your important pages.

Include a link to your home page on all of your pages.

When Creating Your Pages Always:

Make sure that your pages are compatible with all browsers 4.0 and above.

Create comfortable, appealing designs.

Be sure that your pages are neat, clean and organized.

Use high quality, optimized images.

Include a company logo.

Be sure that your pages are fast loading -- even on a 28.8k Pages should never exceed 75K

Include quality content within your site - Pages should contain from 200-1000 words. A good average is about 600 words.

Text should be easy to read.

Use text links as opposed to image links.

Make sure that there are no broken links in your site - monitor this regularly.

Include copyright information.

Include a contact page.

You May Want To Consider:

Using Cascading Style sheets. By using CSS, you are specifying certain factors such as font, color, paragraph style, ect. all in one place of your page instead of throughout your page. By doing this, you will make your content appear to be more prominent throughout your pages. Keep in mind that all CSS is not compatible withrepparttar 143611 Netscape browser.

Always Try To Avoid:

Splash intro or welcome pages. Your home page will berepparttar 143612 most important page of your site and should include quality content.

Flash - A majority of major engines will not index flash sites. Editors may be critical of heavy or slow loading flash.

Frames - Most major engines can not read frames. If you must use frames, include important body text within a tag.

Animated graphics - Slows load time and can be annoying to some visitors, editors and spiders.

The Returns of MLM

Written by Joseph Then

Distributors are paid through compensation plans. These plans consist of rules. Distributors get commissions on their sales but rules arerepparttar ones that actually decide how muchrepparttar 143518 distributors would get. Every MLM company makes two types of rules, positive and negative, to controlrepparttar 143519 distributors. The positive rules enable them to acquire incentives while onrepparttar 143520 other hand negative rules warn them about going haywire.

Generallyrepparttar 143521 rules can be of four types:

●Rules for governingrepparttar 143522 distributors ●Rules for qualifying for various commissions. ●Rules to curbrepparttar 143523 distributors from committing legal mistakes that would jeopardizerepparttar 143524 well being of a company. ●Rules to makerepparttar 143525 distributors disciplined.

Some companies payrepparttar 143526 distributors, commission onrepparttar 143527 sales that had been made by them and some percentage of commission on sales made byrepparttar 143528 people forming their downline. In some companies distributors get 7 % commission for products or services sold by their direct recruits and 5 % on that made byrepparttar 143529 next level of recruits. This sequence goes on for other levels of recruits too. There's restriction in some companies onrepparttar 143530 number of levels of recruits a distributor can be paid for. In some companies number of levels allowed are equal torepparttar 143531 number of sales made, while in others, some other parameters are set. There are some procedures too that enable a distributor to create and head his or her own chain of distributors on achieving some targets of sales.

There is one more issue related torepparttar 143532 returns of MLM that needs to be dealt with. It is regardingrepparttar 143533 debate, “which plan isrepparttar 143534 best of allrepparttar 143535 compensation plans with distributor's point of view?” Whoever works inrepparttar 143536 network marketing business claims that their individual company’s plan isrepparttar 143537 best. It's true to some extent. Some companies pay better bonuses on personal sales and less on sales made byrepparttar 143538 other three levels, whereas there are others that pay pretty good amount for sales made byrepparttar 143539 recruits on lower levels. Beyond these there are some that distributerepparttar 143540 bonus equally for allrepparttar 143541 levels of sales. Irrespective of all these if you are capable enough no one can stop you from making money. Be sure that you are makingrepparttar 143542 right move, dealing withrepparttar 143543 right people because there are too many fake companies floating inrepparttar 143544 market that deceive people to make money for themselves.

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