How Can My Baby Have Baby Acne, He’s Not That Old?

Written by Peter Crump

Acne is a condition only affecting teenagers, true? False. Acne is a condition which can affect people of any age, hence baby acne and adult acne are common. However acne is more common in teens. Acne isrepparttar number one skin problem inrepparttar 146198 world and affects huge numbers of people worldwide. And baby acne, although not common, can be a cause of some angst amongst parents.

What is baby acne? Acne is not totally understood, including baby acne. The cause of acne is not agreed on amongstrepparttar 146199 scientists. Howeverrepparttar 146200 general consensus is that acne, including baby acne, is a condition caused by changes inrepparttar 146201 body’s hormones.

And when arerepparttar 146202 body’s hormones changing? Well certainly inrepparttar 146203 teenage years. But also at some other times in life. Like birth. When a baby has been separated from it’s mothers body by birth and it is living on it’s own forrepparttar 146204 very first time. And when it is also getting some supplies of hormones from it’s mothers milk atrepparttar 146205 same time.

Baby acne can occur in very young babies of 2 or 3 weeks, more commonly boys, up until around 6 months or so. It appears on various parts ofrepparttar 146206 baby’s body such asrepparttar 146207 forehead, cheeks and chin, or more rarelyrepparttar 146208 bottom or back, and appears as small white spots onrepparttar 146209 skin. Or it could look like a red rash with raised bumps.

Build Your Own Ant Farm

Written by Nell Taliercio

Why build your own ant farm? Ant farms are, both, fun and educational. They take up little space and are a great way to teach your children about these amazing little insects. They will learn a bit about entomology and how an ecosystem works… without even trying.

There is no need to purchase a ready-made ant habitat. Building your own ant farm is easier than you might think. It is an ideal science project or something to consider when your kids are suffering from a case ofrepparttar ‘mid-summer there’s-nothing-to-do blues’.

If you haverepparttar 146197 time to researchrepparttar 146198 subject, on your own, you will probably find a wide variety of instructional articles and tips touching onrepparttar 146199 best way to build an ant farm. Some of these methods will prove to be more complicated than others.

But, if you are anything like me I know you are interested in a fairly simple project. So, I recommend that you followrepparttar 146200 instructions below and saverepparttar 146201 HARD work forrepparttar 146202 ants!

Supplies Needed:

• Small aquarium and a smaller container to take up un-needed center space • Sand and/or garden dirt • Funnel • Construction paper • Scotch tape • Shovel • Bucket • Cotton balls • Honey • ANTS! (large black ants work best)

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