How Autoresponders Boost Sales by up to 400%

Written by John Lynch

How Autoresponders Boost Sales by up to 400%

Imagine going to bed and waking up inrepparttar morning to find that you made sales while you slept - all because of your autoresponder!

What exactly is an autoresponder? An autoresponder is an automated email program that responds to an incoming email with a message written by you. The message can be written once and loaded inrepparttar 109479 autoresponder and forgotten about. It's as easy as that.

Some Uses for Autoresponders

1. Use autoresponders as an immediate acknowledgement to those who send you information. Letrepparttar 109480 recipient know that you have received their message and when to expect a reply.

2. Create a FAQ document to answer commonly asked questions about your product or service. Userepparttar 109481 familiar question and answer format.

3. Collect names and email addresses by using a capture form. This allows you to build a list and as marketers keep saying, lists lead to repeat sales.

4. Make all your articles and newsletters available via autoresponder.

5. Offer free reports or e-courses to show your expertise to your customers. This is a great way to capture prospects' name and email address for future follow-up.

Is your E-mail Protected?

Written by Anthony Ellis

Recent history demonstrates that when e-mails wind up in third-party hands,repparttar results range from mild embarrassment to theft of proprietary information and multi-billion dollar lawsuits (think Merrill Lynch). But prying eyes won’t be smiling for long, thanks torepparttar 109478 many new Web-based systems that let subscribers track and control their e-mail – preventing unauthorized viewing, copying, forwarding and printing

These systems employ timestamps, PGP and digital signatures to provide encrypted certificates that prove when email was sent and opened. In addition, some haverepparttar 109479 ability to allow users to edit or revoke recipient access to mail at anytime – crucial protection for those sending private or confidential information.

“Individuals, entrepreneurs and large companies risk privacy invasion, espionage, theft, and viral infection whenever they send e-mail,” said founder Anthony Ellis. is one ofrepparttar 109480 latest in a string of high tech email protection and tracking services. “While billions have been spent to makerepparttar 109481 Internet better and faster, e-mail has been largely ignored. E-mail tracking and monitoring services are a reliable way to monitor, control and confirm who reads your e-mail, and what they do with it – all of which can be documented with a mile-long paper trail” says Ellis.

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