How Appetizing is Your Feedback?

Written by Ed Sykes

Recently, I was watching a rerun ofrepparttar successful television show, The Cosby Show. The patriarch of this professional family (He is a doctor and his wife is a lawyer.) played by Bill Cosby, was just told by his college-bound daughter thatrepparttar 119521 boyfriend she brought home to meet him was really her fiancé. He was disappointed withrepparttar 119522 news. Disappointed not inrepparttar 119523 young man or what he did (he was a “maintenance engineer”), but inrepparttar 119524 way he was told about this engagement.

Mr. Cosby said thatrepparttar 119525 way he was told was like taking a sizzling, delicious, robust T-bone steak and serving it on a garbage can lid. It’s not too appetizing. You knowrepparttar 119526 steak is delicious, but would we really want to eat it? It’s not too appetizing.

I ask you, when you give feedback, do you make it appetizing forrepparttar 119527 receiver ofrepparttar 119528 feedback? Or do you make your “steak” indigestible? We can be giving great feedback everyday and, unless we make it appetizing so others will digest it, our feedback will not acted upon.

The following are ten techniques for making your feedback more appetizing:

1. Prep for a Great Meal Just as you would prep for a great meal, you should prepare to give feedback. Mentally go overrepparttar 119529 following:

* Isrepparttar 119530 feedback important? * What do I want to accomplish withrepparttar 119531 feedback? * Who arerepparttar 119532 persons I will be givingrepparttar 119533 feedback to? * How will they take my feedback? How can I make my feedback more appetizing for them? * How have they taken feedback inrepparttar 119534 past? * Is there someone better I can enlist to “serve”repparttar 119535 feedback?

Just as you would expect to produce a great meal, mentally expect to have a great feedback session. Take time to visualizerepparttar 119536 positive interaction and results by givingrepparttar 119537 feedback. Know that you will improverepparttar 119538 lives of those you give feedback to and how you will accomplish your goals.

Note: Remember, all feedback, withrepparttar 119539 goal of improving another individual or situation, is positive. It’s when we are not receiving or giving constant feedback that situations turn negative due to misunderstandings.

2. Timing Is All Important for a Great Meal Make sure you are givingrepparttar 119540 feedback when it is needed. Giving feedback too long after there is need will diluterepparttar 119541 “hunger” forrepparttar 119542 feedback. Giving feedback too early when there is no “hunger” forrepparttar 119543 feedback will allow your meal, your feedback, to go to waste and not haverepparttar 119544 impact on behavior that you need.

Delegate to Accelerate Success

Written by Ed Sykes

Duringrepparttar first season ofrepparttar 119520 television reality show, The Apprentice, Donald Trump would giverepparttar 119521 ultimate winnerrepparttar 119522 dream job of working for him, running one of his divisions and earning $250,000 per year. Onrepparttar 119523 final episode,repparttar 119524 choice came down to two candidates, Bill Rancic and Kwame Jackson, forrepparttar 119525 “ultimate” job. Both were very qualified. Bill Rancic wasrepparttar 119526 owner of a successful Internet cigar business grossing over one million dollars a year, and Kwame Jackson was a graduate of Harvard Business School and most recently worked forrepparttar 119527 prestigious Wall Street investment house, Goldman Sachs, as an Investment Manager.

In my opinion,repparttar 119528 decision on who would receiverepparttar 119529 job came down to one thing…delegation. Both Bill and Kwame delegated tasks to their “team members” and achieved success. However, Kwame was asked several questions by Mr. Trump relating to how Kwame handled one team member, Omarosa Manigult-Stallworth. Mr. Trump wondered why Kwame let Omarosa get away with lying to him and not working withrepparttar 119530 other team members to makerepparttar 119531 project successful. Kwame responded to Mr. Trump that he didn’t know he could fire Omarosa. Mr. Trump stated that Kwame should have asked if he could fire Omarosa.

Bill Rancic gotrepparttar 119532 job. This drives homerepparttar 119533 point…learn how to delegate to accelerate success both for you, your organization, and your team.

If we know it is an important key for our success, why don’t we delegate? Here are some ofrepparttar 119534 excuses I routinely hear:

* No Time – I have no time to teach a team memberrepparttar 119535 tasks. * No Energy – It takes a lot of energy to follow-up and keep team members on task for success. * I Can Do It Better – I know what needs to be done and can do it better and faster so I’ll just do it. * Why Should I? – Why should I train someone to do my job?

Why? If you are in a leadership position, your job is to takerepparttar 119536 time andrepparttar 119537 energy to train others to do more so thatrepparttar 119538 you, your team, and your organization are more successful.

Well, what arerepparttar 119539 benefits of quality delegation?

1. You multiply yourself – The more you delegate,repparttar 119540 more you create team members that can accomplish much more in much less time. You are known as someone who gets things done with self-directed teams.

2. You create a motivated group – The more you delegate,repparttar 119541 more your team members are motivated because they see you as someone who trusts them and their abilities to get things accomplished. Because your team is motivated, they take more initiative to create solutions, be more creative, and are willing to take on more responsibilities.

3. You master stress and time management skills – You are forced to prioritize your tasks and realize that there are tasks that you do not need to do, yet would be perfect tasks to develop your team members. By learning how to prioritize your tasks for delegation, you will be less stressed duringrepparttar 119542 workday and go home atrepparttar 119543 end ofrepparttar 119544 day satisfied that you accomplished more.

4. You are known as a person who develops people – The more you delegate,repparttar 119545 more you will be known withinrepparttar 119546 organization as a person who develops people. Remember, even when you think no one is watching, someone is always watchingrepparttar 119547 way you achieve success by developing your people. Whether it’s management, other teams, departments or divisions, someone is watching. The word will spread about how well you develop people. The results, management will see you as a developer of people; and other employees, both inside and outside of your organization, will fight to work for you because they know you have a motivated, creative working environment.

5. You create opportunities for yourself and others – By delegating tasks to others, you can then take on more advanced tasks that will prepare you for future opportunities when they become available. This isrepparttar 119548 main reason whyrepparttar 119549 excuse “if I delegate my tasks to my employees, then they can take my job” doesn’t fly in my book. Another reason why you delegate tasks is so that you can develop yourself for future promotions, monetary, and career opportunities. For example, if you want to become vice president for your organization and you know that skills B, M, Z are required by all vice presidents, then delegate any management tasks that you have already mastered to your team members so that you can then ask for more “vice presidential” tasks. When that position is available within or outside ofrepparttar 119550 organization, who do you think will haverepparttar 119551 inside track? You will! Because you can say you already haverepparttar 119552 skills of a vice president, while developingrepparttar 119553 people behind you to fillrepparttar 119554 void when you are promoted. Also, as a leader, you never want your team members to be with you inrepparttar 119555 same position forever. Thus, delegating tasks continuously prepares them for opportunities that may come their way.

So how do we successfully delegate tasks? Here are my seven steps to delegating tasks to achieve success. These tips can not only be used in your organization for more success, but in every aspect of your life to accomplish more.

1. Understandrepparttar 119556 Task Make sure you understandrepparttar 119557 task so that you can clearly communicaterepparttar 119558 task torepparttar 119559 person undertakingrepparttar 119560 task. You must also understand what barriers and resources are required to succeed. Also, you must understand what tools you have to makerepparttar 119561 task successful. Along with resources needed, ifrepparttar 119562 person isn’t progressing onrepparttar 119563 task, what options do you have as a leader and manager to make it successful? Questions you can ask is, “Can I provide additional training?” or “Can I acquire additional tools?” Or if they are not suited forrepparttar 119564 task, ask these questions, “Can I reassign them?” or if they turn out to be detrimental torepparttar 119565 project or team, “What actions can I take to alleviate this situation?” Make sure you click onrepparttar 119566 “Delegation Checklist” link atrepparttar 119567 end of this article to receive your f*r*e*e copy of this important tool that will give yourepparttar 119568 tools to makerepparttar 119569 best decisions when delegating tasks.

2. Findrepparttar 119570 Right Person Findrepparttar 119571 person who is motivated to take onrepparttar 119572 task. You may have someone who hasrepparttar 119573 skills to dorepparttar 119574 task but is not motivated to do it. This situation will not work. However, if you have someone that doesn’t haverepparttar 119575 skills, but is highly motivated to learn and is excited aboutrepparttar 119576 opportunity, then this is a good candidate for delegation. The person must also be motivated to take on this task forrepparttar 119577 good ofrepparttar 119578 group as well as his/her own motivations. You might ask, “How does this assignment help you achieve your career goals?” It also helpsrepparttar 119579 person has good communications skills to express any concerns.

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