How A Golf Workout Routine Can Crush Your Competitors

Written by Mike Pedersen

A golf workout routine can be as simple as using a pair of hand weights (dumbbells), and doing 5-6 golf-specific exercises in less than 15 minutes. Now I know you have 15 minutes to dramatically improve your game and crush your playing partners and competitors.

So many times golfers think that a golf workout routine is inrepparttar gym, takes 2 hours to do, and will wipe out allrepparttar 141306 energy they have and ultimately hurt their golf game.

How wrong they are!

Yes…I can design a very comprehensive golf workout routine that has up to 20 golf exercises and will take 90 minutes to complete. And I have done that for hundreds of golfers. But what I want to talk about today is getting that belief and thought out of your head.

The equipment required to complete a simple golf workout routine in your home are; a stability ball, exercise tubing, and a pair of hand weights.

That’s it!

You can do dozens of golf-specific exercises withrepparttar 141307 above equipment. But whatever you do, make sure you seek out a qualified golf fitness trainer, who knows golf. That is critical.

There are many “so-called” golf trainers out there, and all they are doing isrepparttar 141308 same “general” exercises…on machines thatrepparttar 141309 average person looking to improve their fitness is doing.

Powder Skiing for the Young at Heart

Written by Lockie Brown

About 8 years ago, I got a call fromrepparttar daughter an old friend. “It’s Dad’s 60th birthday soon andrepparttar 141241 family wants to send him on a ski trip. We are hoping that you and Bill and Owen will keep him company”. “Sure”, I said, expecting a destination like Sun Peaks or Rossland. “Where are we going?” “Cat Skiing near Fernie.” “What skiing?” “Cat skiing!” “What’s Cat Skiing?” “Its backcountry skiing from snowcats, sort of a poor man’s heli-skiing.” “Can I afford it?” “You can’t afford to miss this!”

That four-day trip wasrepparttar 141242 start of seven years of superb skiing. On that first trip, we had a marvelous time and powder skiing,repparttar 141243 likes of which none of us could remember. Run after run in fresh, untracked snow. There were steep rollovers that put my heart in my throat, whererepparttar 141244 deep snow seemed to support us like an invisible hand, letting us downrepparttar 141245 fall line slowly and gently. Wow! Face shots galore! I thought, “Life is too short not to be doing this every year!”

Onrepparttar 141246 second day of that tour, I presented myself atrepparttar 141247 lodge office and requested a booking forrepparttar 141248 following year. “Sorry, full up”. “No!” “Yes!” “However,repparttar 141249 year after has an opening, and you could have a whole cat.” “Done”, I said, and thought, “You fool, what are you doing?”

After much effort, evening after evening of phone calls, hounding old friends and a very long wait, we were back two years later with twelve good men and women. Some were old ski friends of almost 50 years. We had another wonderful trip with great skiing, great snow and great company.

Now, years later, we are still at it. We’ve changed venue from near Fernie to a spot near Golden, B.C., whererepparttar 141250 skiing is a little higher andrepparttar 141251 snow seems to be a little more reliable. Our host is Chatter Creek Snowcat Skiing (, a partnership of four personable young men who run an excellent operation, about 20 minutes by helicopter north of Golden, onrepparttar 141252 western flank ofrepparttar 141253 Rocky Mountains.

The 130 sq. km. tenure includes a large glacier at just under 10,000ft. elevation, huge open alpine slopes and bowls and a number of enormous ridges that offer superb tree skiing. After many trips to Chatter Creek, we have yet to skirepparttar 141254 entire area. Each summer, snowcat roads are extended to open up ever more terrain. An application has been made to increaserepparttar 141255 terrain size by about 85%. See Cat Skiing Terrain ( for a photographic tour ofrepparttar 141256 Chatter Creek tenure.

Skiing onrepparttar 141257 Vertebrae glacier is “mellow” andrepparttar 141258 views are spectacular. Fromrepparttar 141259 highest point,repparttar 141260 view spreads torepparttar 141261 west, over nearby peaks and ridges torepparttar 141262 distant Adamant Range and Selkirk Mountains. Torepparttar 141263 east, much nearer and in clear view, are countless peaks and snowfields ofrepparttar 141264 Continental Divide, includingrepparttar 141265 Clemenceau Icefield, Mt Columbia andrepparttar 141266 Snow Dome. The latter isrepparttar 141267 source ofrepparttar 141268 famous Columbia Icefield and containsrepparttar 141269 hydrographic apex of North America. As skiers ski onrepparttar 141270 glacier,repparttar 141271 unusual “squiggles” ofrepparttar 141272 Sullivan Fault fillrepparttar 141273 view and formsrepparttar 141274 backdrop of many a guest photograph. See Glacier Skiing at Chatter Creek ( for many photos fromrepparttar 141275 Vertebrae glacier.

On bluebird days,repparttar 141276 guides usually head torepparttar 141277 high alpine for a few runs onrepparttar 141278 Vertebrae glacier, or in one ofrepparttar 141279 many large bowls or slopes such asrepparttar 141280 Clamshell, upper Lodge Ridge, Super Spruce, South Park, Lakeview , and Oyster Bowl. After a few of runs,repparttar 141281 group will move on to nearby areas, skiing here and there onrepparttar 141282 way, never staying long in any one spot. Every run in untracked snow!

Snowcat rides are rarely more than 15 to 20 minutes long, usually just long enough to enjoy half a sandwich and a drink, to restrepparttar 141283 legs and to share a couple of bad jokes with our companions. The Bombardier snowcats ( are warm and comfortable. They accommodate 12 guests, two guides and a driver. The three cats move independently and are usually out of sight of one another all day.

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