How A Golf Trainer Can Help Take Your Game To The Next Level

Written by Mike Pedersen

Having a golf trainer in your corner to give you guidance, motivation and ongoing, cutting-edge golf fitness ifnformation will put you leaps and bounds above your playing partners and competitors.

An experienced golf trainer will be able to diagnose your current level of fitness, physical limitations and prescriberepparttar right program for you in which you will makerepparttar 143282 most of your time and money.

I hear so many horror stories of a 'general' fitness trainer calling himself a golf trainer only to end up makingrepparttar 143283 client (golfers' ) game even worse.

How discouraging would that be?

A qualified golf trainer will not only haverepparttar 143284 appropriate education and background, but have a deep understanding ofrepparttar 143285 golf swing and mechanics. And be able to apply his/her exercise physiology knowledge torepparttar 143286 benefit ofrepparttar 143287 golfer.

Upon meeting a potential golf trainer you should ask some golf-specific questions to testrepparttar 143288 golf trainers' knowledge of golf. You'll know in less than one minute if they in fact do know something aboutrepparttar 143289 golf swing. If you haverepparttar 143290 least bit of hesitation, move on torepparttar 143291 next golf trainer until you find one you feel will help yourepparttar 143292 most.

Nowrepparttar 143293 bad news!

A golf trainer is a specialized professional and will not be cheap. Most of you will not haverepparttar 143294 the luxury to have a golf trainer one time, let alone 3 to 5 times a week, every week. This would cost inrepparttar 143295 thousands of dollars every month.

The average, ‘qualified’ golf fitness expert will charge anywhere from a low of $40 per session to a high of over $250. The more experiencedrepparttar 143296 golf trainer,repparttar 143297 more they will charge.

So what are you options ifrepparttar 143298 above scenario is a little too out of your economic reality?

What No Golf Bag Should Be Without

Written by James S

Whether you are a golf pro or a rookie trying your best to learnrepparttar tricks ofrepparttar 143249 trade, golf can be a very difficult sport to learn. Withoutrepparttar 143250 right equipment, becoming an expert golfer may be nearly impossible. So before you hitrepparttar 143251 fairway, here are a few pieces of equipment you may want to ensure you have in your golf bag:

Drivers- Drivers are wood golf clubs (although they are called "wood" many now have metal heads) which are used to shootrepparttar 143252 ball long distances. This club is usually used forrepparttar 143253 tee-shot since it isrepparttar 143254 furthest shot fromrepparttar 143255 hole.

Wedges- Wedges are metal clubs used to liftrepparttar 143256 ball as opposed to shooting it far distances. These would be used for high shots ontorepparttar 143257 green, perhaps to get out of a bunker.

Putters- A putter is a golf club which is used for short distances and accuracy. Once you are onrepparttar 143258 green and fairly close torepparttar 143259 hole,repparttar 143260 putter isrepparttar 143261 best club in order to makerepparttar 143262 shot.

Tees- Every golfer needs tees in their bag. A tee is a small wedge which is inserted intorepparttar 143263 ground forrepparttar 143264 ball to sit on. The tee elevatesrepparttar 143265 golf ball and makes it easier to hit. Tees are intended to be used onrepparttar 143266 first shot of a hole.

Golf Balls- A golf ball is a small, hard ball which is dimpled in order to reduce wind resistance. It is impossible to play a game of golf without a golf ball and to assume you will only need one for a whole game is slightly conceited. Evenrepparttar 143267 best golf player inrepparttar 143268 world will lose their ball onrepparttar 143269 course at some point, so it's important to make sure you have back-ups. Most golfers like to keep anywhere from 3 to 9 extra balls in their bag, just in case.

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