How A Golf Fitness Book Can Transform Your Game

Written by Mike Pedersen

A golf fitness book that is written to give you ready-made golf fitness programs, exercises, step-by-step instructions and illustrations can quickly transform your golf game.

There are so many “so-called” golf fitness books onrepparttar market; but when you open them up you see dozens of pictures of golf models sitting on exercise machines inrepparttar 142701 gym.

This is NOT a golf fitness book, this is a book pertaining to “general” fitness, but withrepparttar 142702 title revised to catchrepparttar 142703 golfers eye. In my mind, this is a little deceptive and can frustraterepparttar 142704 consumer.

When I was doing research for my golf fitness book (manual) I was extremely disappointed. Having been a certified fitness professional for over 20 years and specifically working with golfersrepparttar 142705 last 10 years I was expecting some good body’s of knowledge onrepparttar 142706 subject.

I was extremely let down and even felt like I wasted my money getting them. This motivated me to put together my golf fitness book (manual) so that a golfer of any age or fitness level could apply it immediately.

What arerepparttar 142707 components of a complete golf fitness book?

The golf fitness book should cover strength specific to golf, flexibility, aerobic conditioning (endurance) and nutrition.

These components should be directed at a golfer, not a person looking to build or tone muscles or just improve their physical fitness.

Golf Weight Training Is The Answer To Longer Drives

Written by Mike Pedersen

It is no secret that most ofrepparttar male and female tour players who want to play their best golf, do golf weight training exercises. But it’s notrepparttar 142685 kind of grueling, sweating stuff you’re thinking about.

There is a HUGE misconception of what and how this type of program should be done. It does not take going into a gym and lifting heavy weights; nor does it take a 2-3 hour daily commitment.

I have seen many “so-called” golf weight training programs, books, and videos etc that do in fact showrepparttar 142686 golfer inrepparttar 142687 gym and on machines. Sitting on a machine, isolating one muscle group is not golf-specific or sport-specific for that matter.

Golf is a dynamic movement done on your feet. Sitting in a machine in a “controlled” environment will not improve your swing.

The golf swing incorporates most ofrepparttar 142688 muscles ofrepparttar 142689 body in a sequential motion. I hope you can now see sitting in a machine won’t improve that.

So what truly is a ‘golf-specific’ program?

For starters, doing a lot of exercise ‘on your feet’ and in your golf posture will help. The more you can get in your posture and strength train,repparttar 142690 quickerrepparttar 142691 benefit to your game.

Golf also involves balance and stabilization. To improve this takes a concentrated effort on core work and exercises involving balance (such as one-legged exercises).

The more popular golf-exercises are done on a stability ball; using exercise tubing; handweights; and even weighted medicine balls.

This allows you to do many dynamic movements similar to your golf swing, directly relating to more power, distance and accuracy.

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