How-to use Holiday Events For Extra Promotion

Written by Pamela Heywood

If you run an ecommerce site especially, then just asrepparttar stores do, you should do something different to attract shoppers each time there is a major (and minor) holiday event. There are many events throughoutrepparttar 125192 year that offer you a multitude of new opportunities.

What you need to do for each event is to make a special page, optimiserepparttar 125193 META tags forrepparttar 125194 holiday in question and submit it torepparttar 125195 search engines. How many thousands of people are going to be looking for special stuff onrepparttar 125196 day or just before?

I was readingrepparttar 125197 front page of (a personal favourite of mine) and Linda makesrepparttar 125198 point thatrepparttar 125199 stores decorate. Do you? You should: every one of these occasions offers you an ideal and relatively easy opportunity to add something topical, new and different to keep your site fresh and get an additional promotional boost.

In a similar vein, Boogie Jack suggests writing a news item, uploading a page and submitting that torepparttar 125200 search engines whenever there is something really big happening.

Keeprepparttar 125201 page targeted onrepparttar 125202 matter in hand. Of course have your regular site logo, header and at least a link to your home page, even proudly announce that "This is a XYZ Special brought to you by Acme Widgets ..." but keep it simple, or you'll overdo it.

Don't forgetrepparttar 125203 CONTENT!

=> You need some actual text, item of interest and value aboutrepparttar 125204 event. You can research this easily onrepparttar 125205 net - start at Holidays onrepparttar 125206 Net or your favourite search engine

=> Offer one really good temptation - a topical freebie or a discounted product. Depends what you sell of course, but if you can matchrepparttar 125207 offer torepparttar 125208 event: golf clubs for Dad's Day or whatever, even better.

Autoresponders - Put Your Business On Autopilot

Written by Shelley Lowery

Autoresponders are one ofrepparttar top promotional tools available online today. They are also known as mailbots, automatic email and email on demand. They were derived fromrepparttar 125191 very popular fax on demand and designed to automatically respond to any email message sent to it with an automatic response. Their popularity most likely stems from its vast variety of uses as it eliminatesrepparttar 125192 need to manually answer every response. Subsequently saving hours of valuable time. Your information can be available to your prospective customer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Get your best ad copy ready, load it to your autoresponder and your business is set to autopilot. When your prospective customer sends a message to your autoresponder address, your information will be instantly delivered to their email address.

There are many ways of utilizingrepparttar 125193 power of autoresponders:

* Sample E-zine Copy for potential subscribers

* Articles For Publication - A great way for writers to distribute their articles

* Offer Free Powerful Reports on various subjects and use your signature file atrepparttar 125194 end to promote your site or business

* Offer Free Resources with information about your site, product or business

* Information about your Business Opportunity

* Product listings

* Price list

* Welcome letters

* Thank you letters * Order Confirmations

* Advertising Rates


There are many advantages associated withrepparttar 125195 use of autoresponders. Not only do they automaterepparttar 125196 daily task of manually replying to requests for information, but they provide instant gratification forrepparttar 125197 recipient. They also enable you to track your ad responses and gatherrepparttar 125198 email addresses of potential customers. A good autoresponder service will automatically send you an email notification informing you each time someone requests your information.

Selecting a quality autoresponder service:

When selecting a autoresponder service, there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration to ensure maximum performance.

* Personalized responses - This makesrepparttar 125199 recipient feel that repparttar 125200 letter was sent specifically to them.

* Automatic follow ups - Studies have shown it may take up to seven contacts before closing a sale.

* Unlimited text length - If you are inhibited byrepparttar 125201 amount of text your autoresponder may contain, you may be forced to revise a successful sales letter, ultimately costing you business.

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