House Cleaning - Three Ways To Finding The Time

Written by Cori Sachais Swidorsky

It's always a challenge finding time to clean my house. Seemsrepparttar hours, days and weeks just fly by, so much to do, so little time. Here are three ways to fit in your house cleaning.

1. Schedule it in. We all make appointments, whether it is for ourselves or someone else. Before we set up an appointment we check our schedules, making sure we findrepparttar 148894 best time. Why not schedule a house cleaning appointment. Pick a time once a week and make that a regular appointment, if we need to cancel be sure to reschedule it for that week. I find that since I keep up with cleaning once a week, it doesn't take me as long and there isn't much dust.

2. One room a day. Instead of choosing one day a week to clean, try cleaning one room a day. Our house won't be clean at once, but byrepparttar 148895 end ofrepparttar 148896 weekrepparttar 148897 whole house will be cleaned. Monday comes and we are starting again. Sometimes when I'm cooking and have something inrepparttar 148898 oven, I'll do a quick wipe down of allrepparttar 148899 counters. Whilerepparttar 148900 kids are inrepparttar 148901 tub, I wipe downrepparttar 148902 bathroom and cleanrepparttar 148903 toilet.

Learn To Listen - Three Ways It Benefits Relationships

Written by Cori Sachais Swidorsky

We always hear about communication beingrepparttar key in a relationship. If we are always talking and not listening, then communication becomes meaningless. Itís not easy to hear what someone else is saying, especially when our feelings, thoughts and opinions are different. Here are three reasons why learning to listen benefits our relationships. 1.Shows Respect Ė When having a discussion, listening torepparttar 148893 other person shows that you respect what they are saying. Even if we disagree with whatís being said, we still need to respect their thoughts and feelings. 2.Helps Us To Understand Ė Itís difficult to understand what someone is trying to tell us if we arenít listening. Listening helps to understand why someone is feeling a certain way. Once we understand, we can move forward withrepparttar 148894 situation and takerepparttar 148895 steps needed.

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