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MicroWorld has recently announced that all its customers of eScan and MailScan range of software would now be provided withrepparttar latest antivirus signatures updates every hour to protect themselves from all kinds of virus attacks. Customers of eScan and MailScan range of software can now downloadrepparttar 105867 antivirus updates byrepparttar 105868 hour to protect themselves from virus attacks. Govind Rammurthy, CEO, MicroWorld, said, "Each year that has gone by has seen an increase inrepparttar 105869 number of virus attacks. In addition to this, withrepparttar 105870 increase inrepparttar 105871 usage ofrepparttar 105872 Internet,repparttar 105873 speed at which virus attacks spread worldwide have increased by leaps and bounds.

Are You Safe Ordering Online?

Written by Michael Rock

Are You Safe Ordering Online?

Even this day and age people are very insecure about ordering anything online. Even though many people order and give their credit card information overrepparttar phone they still are hesitant upon ordering online. This article will show you what to look for to see if it is safe to order online,repparttar 105866 general process on how things are processed online, andrepparttar 105867 securities involved. Knowledge isrepparttar 105868 key for security and I want you to gain security by reading this article.

What The Web User Should Know:

Everyone knows to look forrepparttar 105869 padlock onrepparttar 105870 bottom ofrepparttar 105871 browser, right? If not that tells you thatrepparttar 105872 web page is secure. Along with that padlock onrepparttar 105873 bottom ofrepparttar 105874 browser your web page SHOULD display https:// instead of http://. (The s stands for 'secured')

"How is a web page secure?"

HTTPS isrepparttar 105875 use of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) as a sub-layer under its regular HTTP application layering. If you view a HTTPS page and see a warning pop up aboutrepparttar 105876 certificate ofrepparttar 105877 site readrepparttar 105878 warning carefully. Here are a couple of warnings that I came across when setting up a SSL certificate for my site. Such as . . . Certificate is for https://theinternetpresence.com butrepparttar 105879 page is for https://www.theinternetpresence.com. (When I editedrepparttar 105880 hyperlink and left outrepparttar 105881 www, it resolvedrepparttar 105882 issue.) Certificate points to hsphere.com instead of theinternetpresence.com. (Again, a simple setting resolved this issue.) Hsphere isrepparttar 105883 hosting control panel I use that controls my site. But look carefully at warnings that point to a web site that you are not familiar with and warnings that state there is no SSL certificate at all. For an example of these warnings you can visit my site at https://www.theinternetpresence.com , because currently I'm switching from a Windows Server to a Unix Server for added stability and security. If you did not receive a warning then it means thatrepparttar 105884 move was completed.

For a brief description on whatrepparttar 105885 requirements are to obtain a SSL certificate look below under "What'srepparttar 105886 process involved for getting a SSL Certificate?"

"What about types of Browsers?"

Internet Explorer used to control 90% ofrepparttar 105887 market for web browsers, so naturally hackers and cheaters were attracted to attacking that browser to obtain information. Sorepparttar 105888 safe alternative was to use a different browser like Firefox that was not very popular. But as Firefox gains popularity they will become a target as well. Their goal was to gain 10% ofrepparttar 105889 market, and they are now pushing 20% according to statistics of people visiting my site.

You would be interested in knowing that with a properly configured web site withrepparttar 105890 correct shopping cart script for collecting credit card information that connects to a merchant account gateway, repparttar 105891 credit card number is never seen byrepparttar 105892 webmaster. It's true! I cannot seerepparttar 105893 process of filling outrepparttar 105894 information, and when I visit my merchant account online to view transactions I'm not shownrepparttar 105895 full credit card number. "But be warned on how people can work around this!"

"How can they process a credit card that is insecure and/or see my credit card number?"

  1. Ifrepparttar 105896 page is unsecured. (http instead of https andrepparttar 105897 lock is open on repparttar 105898 bottom ofrepparttar 105899 browser)
  2. If they use a simple online form to ask forrepparttar 105900 information instead of a script. (Whenrepparttar 105901 information is emailed out instead of processed) Even ifrepparttar 105902 form is on a HTTPS page it would still be secured, but as soon as it is mailed it becomes unsecured and if anything happensrepparttar 105903 web site owner could lose his merchant account and not be able to apply for a new one EVER AGAIN! I've seen customers use this way to process cards and manually enter them at their store. Needless to say I refused to create a site that operates this way for liability issues.

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