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Do you have your trip planned? Gotrepparttar tickets and everything? Did you remember to reserve a hotel room? Not to worry if you haven't. Its quite a simple task especially inrepparttar 138615 Internet world. Here are some quick tips for you to consider.

First of all, if you want to find a great deal on a hotel, you should think about being as flexible as you can be. If you stay at certain times ofrepparttar 138616 week, month, or even year you can possibly get a better deal. If you can't be that flexible, how about thinking about staying a little farther from your destination. Now, this only works if you are going someplace where there are many people wanting to stay as close as possible. Instead of staying really close, stay a few miles out. This can save you a bunch of cash. You may need to drive a little farther, but a few cents in gas compared torepparttar 138617 extra inrepparttar 138618 hotel is nothing.

Finding a hotel is as simple as going online. You can often find just what you are looking for just by searching for your desitnation. But, never settle onrepparttar 138619 first place you find. Compare several different chains and even think aboutrepparttar 138620 mom and pop places.

Niagara Falls For Love – The Sheraton On The Falls Resort

Written by Kriss Hammond

Niagara Falls For Love – The Sheraton On The Falls Resort

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Founded by Henry D. Parker in 1855,repparttar Omni Parker House (then known as simply The Parker House) has been a Boston resident for over 150 years, located atrepparttar 138578 junction of Tremont and School Streets, and one ofrepparttar 138579 oldest of Boston's elegant inns. andrepparttar 138580 longest continuously operating hotel inrepparttar 138581 United States. It was here thatrepparttar 138582 brightest lights of America's Golden Age of Literature—writers like Emerson, Thoreau, Hawthorne, and Longfellow, regularly met for conversation inrepparttar 138583 legendary nineteenth century Saturday Club. Baseball greats like Babe Ruth and Ted Williams wined, dined, and unwound atrepparttar 138584 Parker House. And it was here too, where generations of local and national politicians, including Ulysses S. Grant, James Michael Curley (Boston's Mayor ofrepparttar 138585 poor), Franklin Delano Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, and William Jefferson Clinton, assembled for private meetings, press conferences, and power breakfasts.

The Omni Parker House is close to Boston's Theater District, and it has played an important role for thespians. Many ofrepparttar 138586 finest actors fromrepparttar 138587 nineteenth century maderepparttar 138588 hotel their home away from home, including Charlotte Cushman, Sarah Bernhardt, Edwin Booth, brother ofrepparttar 138589 matinee-idol, John Wilkes Booth, who was seen pistol practicing nearby only eight days beforerepparttar 138590 assassination of Abraham Lincoln; wouldn't you know it would be an actor jumping onto a stage in his last great performance atrepparttar 138591 Ford Theater in Washington, D.C. Duringrepparttar 138592 twentieth century, stage, screen, and television stars, from Joan Crawford, Judy Garland, and William ("Hopalong Cassidy") Boyd, to Adam "Batman" West, Kelsey Grammer (Cheers was started in Boston as a local pub.), David Shiner andrepparttar 138593 cast of "Seussical,repparttar 138594 Musical", maderepparttar 138595 hotel their home.

The kitchens ofrepparttar 138596 Parker House made Americana culinary culture a mainstay, with talented bakers who inventedrepparttar 138597 famed Parker House roll. Parker's has also beenrepparttar 138598 training ground for internationally known chefs.

The Omni Parker House's restored lobby with original heirlooms, giving it a museum ambiance.

The Omni Parker House is located on today's Boston Freedom Trail, and it is a museum of its own in a way. Even though it has twenty-first century amenities, it still retains its nineteenth century charm and history. The lobby, bar-lounges, and restaurant are still armored withrepparttar 138599 dark wood hues,repparttar 138600 elevators are freshly burnished bronze, whilerepparttar 138601 walls are vintage American oak. When walking to my room I had to stop and viewrepparttar 138602 numerous paintings onrepparttar 138603 hallways, a living museum, indeed. Crystal chandeliers glow inrepparttar 138604 lobby as a bus group was checking out. The lobby is a vibrant living landmark, more like a private clubroom, with many more exquisite paintings surroundingrepparttar 138605 museum goers—I mean guests.

The corner of Tremont and School is as old as Boston itself. In 1630, Englishman John Winthrop andrepparttar 138606 Puritans ofrepparttar 138607 Massachusetts Bay Colony first settled inrepparttar 138608 area, namingrepparttar 138609 peninsula Trimount, afterrepparttar 138610 three hills—Beacon, Premberton, and Mount Vernon—dominatingrepparttar 138611 landscape. The name was changed to Boston to honorrepparttar 138612 Lincolnshire town that many ofrepparttar 138613 pilgrims had departed,. Afterrepparttar 138614 three mountains were leveled Tremont Street was laid out atrepparttar 138615 base ofrepparttar 138616 hills and Boston Common. The location and name of School Street originated in Puritan times, as well. From 1635-1636,repparttar 138617 British colonists established a college in nearby Cambridge (Harvard). By 1645repparttar 138618 prep school, America's first public school, was housed in a cabin on what would be know as School Street. The school was later known as Boston Latin, and it educated a host of Boston's elite, including Sam Adams, John Hancock, Charles Bullfinch, and Ralph Waldo Emerson. Ben Franklin was a dropout. Parker's Bar now sits whererepparttar 138619 old cabin was located.

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