Hot on Yahoo's heels, comes Looksmart @.15 per click!

Written by S. Hartung

Inrepparttar headlong rush to reach sustained profitability, Yahoo has been doing all sorts of twists and turns. They increasedrepparttar 101970 price of submitting a site for "review" a while ago to $299.

Recently, they maderepparttar 101971 $299 fee annual.

Then, just a few weeks ago, they changed allrepparttar 101972 Yahoo Mail users preferences from "opt out" to "opt in" *without* asking them so that they could send ads to everyone!


Now, hot onrepparttar 101973 heels of Yahoo, comes LookSmart. But they've added another twist...

When Yahoo made changes to its policy, it "grandfathered" existing accounts (making them immune torepparttar 101974 changes and only applying them to new accounts),

However, LookSmart, who used to charge $199 for "Express Submit", which was then increased to $299 (sound familiar?) has now gone "Pay Per Click" (with no click costing less than 15 cents!).

Not only that, but they've appliedrepparttar 101975 changes to all existing accounts. So if you paid $299 for a "review", you now have to pay per click.

Journaling: Why, When and How

Written by Rinatta Paries

Question for singles: --------------------- What do you do with your occasional feelings of loneliness, frustration with dating, perhaps frustration with yourself and/orrepparttar opposite sex? Do these feelings and thoughts run around and around in your head, interfering with your ability to think clearly, causing more frustration? Read below to learn how to get these thoughts and feelings out so you can have a more peaceful, more enjoyable life.

Question for people in relationships: ------------------------------------- What do you do when you are frustrated with your partner, or want to have a serious conversation with him or her? Do you turnrepparttar 101969 words over and over in your head? Do you try to talk to your partner while full of intense feelings and haverepparttar 101970 conversation turn into an argument? Read below to learn how to be clear and calm when you talk to your partner.

Journaling is different than keeping a diary, as you may have done as a child. It is not writing about your activities to create a daily or a weekly record. It is not writing forrepparttar 101971 sake of just writing your thoughts. It is writing that transforms.

Journaling may seem overly simplistic. So much so that many of you -- while reading this article and thinking it's a good idea -- will actually never pick uprepparttar 101972 pen and write, simply because you think it couldn't possibly do any good.

However, when done right, journaling allows you to freely express your feelings and thoughts and gives you a much needed, safe outlet. And believe it or not, when you have an outlet, feelings and circumstances becomes much easier to deal with and solutions emerge where once there were none.

Here is how to have an effective, powerful journaling session:

1. Pick up your journal, which can be a notebook, a sheet of paper, or a journal - anything will work.

2. Set aside a bit of time when you will not be disturbed and where you are granted privacy. I have known people who journal in their car or inrepparttar 101973 bathroom. Be creative.

3. Decide on a topic - how you feel about being single, how you feel today in general, how you feel about a situation in your relationship, what you want to say to a certain someone, etc.

Here are some additional tips to help you choose a topic:

** Describe an issue or a problem in great detail. Then write about whererepparttar 101974 issue comes from, what you think and feel about it, what your life is like because of it and how your life would be different if it were solved.

** Dialogue with yourself to resolverepparttar 101975 issue. Write down all of your thoughts. Then write down all of your feelings, describing both in great detail.

** Pretendrepparttar 101976 person or people you need to communicate with are in front of you. Write down everything you want to say to them, including your thoughts, feelings, rationale, etc.

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