Hot Flashes of a Freelancer

Written by Cheryl Paquin

Am desperately sick of spending freezing weekends in dingy newsroom earning $12.36 per hour as news editor. Too much time spent away from spouse and children, and it’s minus 20 F. when I finish work. Want to resign from job and freelance, and earn lots of money while ensconced inrepparttar warmth of my home, with two daughters playing merrily near feet. Want a job that will allow me to travel to visit family in Australia at least once a year — preferably during Minnesotan winter.

Have ordered Secrets of a Freelance Writer: How to Make $85,000 a Year by Robert W. Bly from I believe I can live on this annual income and support my travel habit.

March 2000:

Devour Bly’s book and believe all he says. Resign from job with spousal approval, with enough money to cover bills for a couple of months.

Enthusiastically design and print all my own business cards, letterheads and stationary. Buy thousands of stamps from post office for thousands of query letters. Have noticed, however, thatrepparttar 129902 minute I sit down to write a query letter, something urgent, like changing baby’s diaper, needs utmost attention. Organize myself by stacking newly printed stationary tidily into filing cabinet. Spent time cleaning desk, and buying pens and paperclips. Also buy tons of women’s magazines — official market research.

April 2000:

Decide I must get serious about writing career with no income gained in March. Enthusiastically join hundreds of online writing lists. Become scared with professionalism of some groups so spend hours and days in more social groups. Feel panic-stricken at decreasing bank balance and spousal concern at lack of writing work. Treble efforts patroling online job markets.

May 2000:

Hurrah! Success – respond to online job for writers and editors, pass editing test and receive assignments: $ 700 per article and $30 per hour as editor.

June 2000:

Hurrah! Defy query guidelines listed in Writer’s Market for regional magazine such as querying by snail mail and waiting six weeks for response. Send e-mail query to editor asking if she wants to see travel piece. Editor replies immediately via e-mail. Sell article for for $400 first rights, payment on acceptance.

July 2000:

Wait for checks to arrive inrepparttar 129903 mail having earned over $2,500 last month. Wait some more and put account into overdraft, paying large sums in overdraft fees. Learn that cash flow is very important to fledgling small business. Also learn that it is very important to keep querying instead of resting on laurels, admiring achievements.

August 2000:

Checks begin to dribble in slowly. Articles get published online. Feel inspired to keep going, however no work. Children are home forrepparttar 129904 summer and time is limited for writing. Head lice breaks out in house, efforts to control infestation that will not quit consumes more time. Finally overcome problem, and sell article on beating Nix-resistant nits. Decide life’s little dramas are good writing fodder.

The Written Word - How to use it to Create Powerful Sales Letters

Written by Chuck Crawley

The *written word* isrepparttar most powerful source of influence inrepparttar 129899 universe. Just think about howrepparttar 129900 daily newspaper forcesrepparttar 129901 opinions ofrepparttar 129902 people who live in your hometown.

The *written word* is AWESOME!

So, how are you using it to *influence* your web site visitor or target audience in your email marketing campaign?

You CAN write Dynamic, opinion-changing ads, web page content and Sales Letters if you just follow a few simple techniques.

Learn how to breakdown your ideas into simple steps and you can create marketing materials that forces people to obey your commands and put your online marketing efforts in *over-drive*.

A Simple Sales Letter Template:

To create a great sales letter for your website or Autoresponder, just follow these 4 easy steps.

Step 1: ======= ** Take your best *shot* right up-front.

Your sales letter must *Grab* attention starting withrepparttar 129903 first line of text. Blow it here and you're Doomed. If you've done your homework, then you know whatrepparttar 129904 Most Appealing Benefits of your product or services are. Use them atrepparttar 129905 very beginning of your letter. A bulleted list of STRONG benefits will keep them reading.

====================================================== How has your Bowling game been lately?

The TURBO THUNDER ball can:

* Increase your scoring by over 25 pins.

* Decreaserepparttar 129906 effort that you have to make to Explode repparttar 129907 pins.

* Make yourepparttar 129908 envy of your bowling team. ====================================================== Notice how I only mentionrepparttar 129909 emotional benefits (What's in this for me?) that a bowler is looking for. No technical stuff here. We'll get to that later. The longerrepparttar 129910 listrepparttar 129911 more you'll getrepparttar 129912 reader involved with your proposal.

Step 2 ====== ** Throw in a few technical goodies

Tell them why this product is better thanrepparttar 129913 rest. Do it quickly. You don't want to bore your audience.

====================================================== The TURBO THUNDER is made of pure titanium stock with a revolutionary weight block that was designed by scientist atrepparttar 129914 NASA space center.

You can choose from eight (8) custom colors and five (5) different surface stocks. ====================================================== The technical stuff is necessary but your primary goal here is to *make sales*. Sales are made by sparkingrepparttar 129915 emotions. So, move past this part quickly.

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