Hosting your e-business for free? Smart thinking Johnny...

Written by David A. Saharkhiz

Yes, there are dozens of websites onrepparttar internet that offer free web hosting solutions, but before you place important information on Geocities or Freewebs, there's something you must understand:

Trusting your online name to a free web-host is almost always a bad idea


Not only do free web hosts often restrict your bandwidth, offer miserable http transfer speeds, place ads on your website, or severly limit functionality, but also they severly limit your potential in less tangible ways.

The most important factor is recognition. It doesn't matter how small your business is. The average internet user is going to trust over any day ofrepparttar 134330 week. Domain names are cheap, and nowadays owning a domain isn't just professional, it's a near-absolute necessity. Your users will come back, note your professionalism, and be much more likely to remember your URL.

Web Hosting should be an easy decision

Written by David A. Saharkhiz

There are so many web hosts out there, and it's often hard to deciderepparttar best course to take. Some hosts offer "unlimited" bandwidth, but you'll often find that this is far fromrepparttar 134329 truth. Some hosts offer amazingly low prices, but when you go to set up an SQL database, upload an .htaccess file, or run server-side scripts, don't be surprised ifrepparttar 134330 feature is disabled forrepparttar 134331 account you purchased.

It's frustrating, to be sure.

So...what'srepparttar 134332 solution? There are two really great webhosting companies out there. ThinkHost is certainlyrepparttar 134333 best overall deal, but Godaddy offers a number of good deals as well.

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