Hosting a Wine Party

Written by Nerello Glasure

Looking to have some fun with friends while sharing some wine? You should consider hosting a wine tasting party. It's a really neat way to share your wine favorites and to be introduced to a variety of new and interesting wines. You can also add some spice to your fun by using a wine theme ("All About Reds", "Blindfold Tasting", etc.).

Party Size You donŽt need a lot of guests to have a great party. What I have found works best is to have about four to twelve people, and definitely include yourself as one ofrepparttar registered guests. Also, I like to always have a contest duringrepparttar 113100 party and give away a gift.

Theme Selection Pick a fun theme, and rememberrepparttar 113101 theme also determines what wines will be poured. You can name a theme like "The Great Italians", "The Great Whites of California", or whatever fits your mood. I would suggest being very creative,repparttar 113102 possibilities are endless. If you tell your local wine merchant your theme, they can be a great source of help with wine and theme matching. Also, at a minimum make sure you have 4 to 6 different wine types to taste.

Food Choices Have you heardrepparttar 113103 saying "Firstrepparttar 113104 wine, then your menu"? If you had a theme for your party and your wines followed that theme, you may want to carry it through with whatever food you serve. For example if you are tasting Italian Reds why not serve some Italian munchies to match.

While you do need to provide foods that complementrepparttar 113105 wines provided,repparttar 113106 food should notrepparttar 113107 backbone ofrepparttar 113108 party. Focus onrepparttar 113109 dŽoeuvres such as: cheese, fruit, unsalted crackers, bread or other munchies you may have prepared forrepparttar 113110 evening. Don not forget to have lots of bottled room temperature water and optional spit buckets available.

When allrepparttar 113111 tasting is done, you may want to have plenty of coffee and desserts. This is also a great time to break out one of your favorite dessert wines.

Learn about Chardonnay Wine

Written by Nerello Glasure

The Chardonnay grape variety is a classic white wine grape grown all aroundrepparttar world. It is atrepparttar 113099 top, as probablyrepparttar 113100 world's favorite white grape variety.

Where It Grows The Chardonnay grape grows everywhere. The exact origin of Chardonnay is hard to trace, but its reputation was established inrepparttar 113101 Burgundy region of France. Winemakers love Chardonnay becauserepparttar 113102 vines are easy to grow, and have a high yield. Chardonnay is one ofrepparttar 113103 few grapes inrepparttar 113104 world that does not require blending. However, it is also blended with Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier to produce Champagne.

Wine Characteristics It is widely known for producing excellent full-bodied wines. The cooler zoned climate Chardonnay grapes produce an abundance of fruit flavors. You can pick up apple, pineapple, orrepparttar 113105 hint of peach. The warmer climate Chardonnays may have less ofrepparttar 113106 fruits but develop wonderful honey, vanilla, and roasted flavors that really fillrepparttar 113107 mouth.

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