Hosting A Wine Tasting Party

Written by Benjamin Bicais

As your love and knowledge of wine grows, it is inevitable that you will want to share your revelations with friends and family. Hosting a wine tasting party is a great way to do this.

When planning a wine tasting party, some obvious questions about parameters arise. How many people should you invite? What types and how many wines should you pour?

It is my opinion that an informal gathering should be kept to 12 people or less. This ensures that conversation and dialogue will be much more conducive than with a larger group.

Blind tasting isrepparttar most fun and informative. Wrapping bottles in bags will negate past preferences and prejudices. You may be surprised what you "like" without access torepparttar 113180 wine label.

Focus on a relatively specific style of wine. Within this framework, some variations should be considered. I recently hosted a wine tasting party where we tasted Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignons.

To make it more interesting, we tasted two wines from Rutherford, (valley floor) two from Stags Leap, (east hills) and two from Mount Veeder (west hills). This was a pleasant and educational mix: a consistant varietal, but different styles from different regions. Another option is to tasterepparttar 113181 same varietal fromrepparttar 113182 same region, but in different price ranges.

Gas Grills Often Turn Out Dangerous

Written by Laura Ciocan

Many accident reports from consumers are proof ofrepparttar frequently occurring flaws in gas grills manufacturing.

Grills, especially gas grills, are an equipment to be used with caution and care, as they may just put you in danger. Most ofrepparttar 113179 times, fires are started by gas tanks of such grills.

No further than November 17, a fire devastatedrepparttar 113180 back porch of a house. It was started from a debris fire that was not completely extinguished and came dangerously close to three propane tanks for a gas grill that Robert Delphia was keeping onrepparttar 113181 porch. The pressure relief valve on one ofrepparttar 113182 tanks activated, resulting in a loud noise that was initially described as an explosion, butrepparttar 113183 tanks did not explode. Fortunately,repparttar 113184 incident ended quickly without victims or injuries, asrepparttar 113185 fire was noticed and reported in an incipient stage byrepparttar 113186 Police Officer on patrol.

This was a case of external ignition factor, but there are many reported cases when fire is started as a result of manufacturing flaws. Thus, although confined within manufacturing standard limitations, there are still reported cases of home accidents occurring because of manufacturing problems.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission receives reports of such accidents or malfunction cases that might endangerrepparttar 113187 user, analyzesrepparttar 113188 situation and may decide to recall dangerous products. These are some examples of recalled grills and their producers:

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