Horse Training Gets A New Face Lift From A 108 Year Old Horse Training Manual!

Written by Andy Curry

If you have a passion to learn all you can about horse training, then you will want to know about a 108 year old horse training manual recently revived from a dusty old book shelf of a used book store.

This horse training manual was written inrepparttar late 1800's by a then world famous horse trainer named Jesse Beery.

In Beery's manual he explainsrepparttar 125791 different steps it takes to train a horse to be gentle, safe, reliable, and valuable.

Although this is a very basic example, Beery describesrepparttar 125792 number one abuse of a command given to horses by their riders. The command is "whoa". The reason this command is so abused is becauserepparttar 125793 rider will often say "whoa" while riding when they wantrepparttar 125794 horse to slow down.

Very quickly,repparttar 125795 horse associatesrepparttar 125796 word "whoa" with slowing down instead of stopping. Soon,repparttar 125797 frustrated horse owner wonders why his horse won't stop when he says "whoa".

Beery remindsrepparttar 125798 reader to say "whoa" ONLY when you wantrepparttar 125799 horse to stop. Pick a different command forrepparttar 125800 horse to slow down.

Furthermore, Beery explains with great detail how to teach a horse to stop - even under any circumstance. This lesson, according to Beery, is THE MOST important one of all.

How To Load A Horse Into A Trailer - Easy As Pie - Using Smart Horse Training!

Written by Andy Curry

If there is an art to getting horses to load in a trailer, then this it.

The first thing that must happen is communication betweenrepparttar horse and his handler. The horse must understand what is required of him andrepparttar 125790 handler must make it easy to understand.

Thus, you must start by gettingrepparttar 125791 horse to move forward in either direction. After a direction is established then get him moving inrepparttar 125792 opposite direction. A round pen is excellent for this purpose.

Whenrepparttar 125793 horse gets good at moving both directions then it's time to hook a lead rope to his halter and lunge him left and right. For instance, when you point left,repparttar 125794 horse must know to go to your left. And vice versa for going right.

The final result should look like this. You're holdingrepparttar 125795 lead rope while facing your horse. As you holdrepparttar 125796 lead rope in your right hand, you hookrepparttar 125797 middle ofrepparttar 125798 lead rope with your left thumb. Lift it up and point torepparttar 125799 left.

Your horse, now knowing what to do, immediately goes to your left. After a circle or two you switch hands and getrepparttar 125800 horse to go to your right.

When he gets good at that, then send (lunge) him through gate openings, barn door openings, etc. Also, lunge him in smaller spaces to help him deal with his natural claustrophobia. You can do this by lunging him between you and a fence. As he goes back and forth makerepparttar 125801 space between you andrepparttar 125802 fence smaller. Be careful not to get stepped on.

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